These Water Signs Are Going To Have The Best July, Thanks To The Eclipses

After what might've felt like the busiest spring season of all time, the summer is finally here, which means another powerful eclipse season is also upon you. There's no need to stress the upcoming eclipses, however, especially because these three zodiac signs will have the best July 2019, and I sincerely believe the eclipses have everything to do with it. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are in for a good month, and there's reason to celebrate.

The upcoming eclipses are part two of the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse series (the grand finale will take place in July 2020). But given this celestial energy has been brewing since last summer, it's safe to say you'll quickly be getting a better idea as to what kind of energy you're working with. (If you're not sure what the eclipse means for you, check where Cancer and Capricorn are located via your birth chart, because your astrological house can give you context on where this energy is coming to life in your sign.)

Aside from your vacation plans and barbecues, July is busy. There will be six planets retrograde and two eclipses. Instead of being intimidated by all that's going on the sky during this time, remind yourself that when a planet retrogrades, it slows down, which is exactly what you should be doing, too. Take advantage of this time to revisit, reflect, and reassess your current situation in regard to a creative project you've been working on or a new exercise routine you've had trouble committing to.

Both Mercury and Chiron will retrograde via fire signs — symbols of creation, fertility, and passion — which means both will teach you a thing or two about tapping into the fire within you. Go-getter Mars will also wrap up in sensitive Cancer and slide into cinematic Leo on July 1, and this will bring a shift to your energy levels overall.

It's a lot to take in, but here's why July is going to be so good to these water signs:

Cancer: You're On A Whole New Level

Cheers to a blessed trip around the sun, Cancer. Your solar revolution is in full effect, and with the North Node on your sign, it's all eyes on you. With two eclipses happening via your astrological axis this month, it's no secret you're in the midst of a powerful breakthrough. Most people stress the thought of change headed their way, but like a true cardinal sign, you're ready for this brand new chapter. Besides, you're totally glowing this month.

Scorpio: You're Consciously Expanding

The possibilities are endless, Scorpio. Where do you see yourself in the next few years? Aside from the fact you naturally thrive during Cancer season, you're in the midst of making some pretty big moves, whether they manifest as personal or professional. And with the eclipses shaking up your resourceful third house of communication and expansive ninth house of personal philosophy, your perspective is shifting... and in a really positive way.

Pisces: You're Living Your Authentic Truth

There you are, Pisces, and there's something different about you these days. I don't know if it's your level of confidence or your chic new wardrobe, but your charisma is larger than life. See what happens when you live your truth? Being yourself is all you have to do, and whether it's because you're channeling your creativity or finally owning up to your self-worth, your colorful soul deserves to make itself known. Keep doing you, because this is just the beginning.