The Full Moon In Sagittarius Has These 3 Signs Feeling On Top Of The World

There's something wild vibrating in the air. Can't you feel it? The cosmos are culminating into a point of revelation and reward known as the full moon in Sagittarius, and it's slated to rock your world on June 17 at 4:31 a.m. EST. Revel in this magic, especially if you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the best full moon in Sagittarius 2019. Opposing a sun in clever and communicative Gemini, this full moon is all about watching the story come together as a whole. There's no time to get caught up in the details and overanalyze everything, and no one will love this sentiment more than fire signs. So if your sun or rising sign happens to be Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, you're in for some lunar awesomeness.

This full moon is especially exciting for one major reason: It will form a conjunction to enthusiastic, adventurous, and growth-oriented Jupiter. Thanks to Jupiter, this has already been a particularly positive year for fire signs, and this full moon will bring all of that energy into emotional fruition. Now, even though Jupiter is all about revving the engine and saying "yes" to every opportunity that comes around, make sure to practice patience and moderation. Reaping the benefits of this Jupiter influence involves having the wherewithal to hold back when necessary, lest you overdo it. But don't let that suggestion dim your shine, because this full moon is bursting with fireworks.

Aries: You're Feeling Connected To The Rest Of The World

Take a look at the beauty that surrounds you. Look inside your heart and rediscover what matters to you most. This full moon connects with optimistic Jupiter in your ninth house of adventure and wisdom, highlighting a more spiritual way of seeing the world. This is about opening your mind, crossing culture to connect with others, and concentrating on all the abundance in your life. Don't sweat the little things when there's so much beauty to find deeper meaning in.

This full moon will also bring your attention to the home front, as Mercury and Mars are forming a conjunction in your fourth house of family. Let this center your heart.

Leo: You're In The Mood For Romance, Art, And Pleasure

Your world is reverberating with a joy so bright and fiery that you can't deny it. You will definitely be feeling more romantic and artistic towards life, because this lunation lights up your fifth house of pleasure and self-expression. There's a flame of creativity lit within you and no matter how much time has passed since you've ignited it, that flame never goes out. On this full moon, that flame will surge into a full-blown fire, so feel free to follow wherever it leads you.

This creativity is stirring your soul, as Mercury and Mars are joining forces in your 12th house of spirituality. Release something from deep within.

Sagittarius: You're Coming To Terms With Who You're Becoming

You're feeling connected to your mind, heart, and soul on this full moon because it takes place in your first house of the self. Don't deny your true feelings. Embrace the person you are, no matter how you feel you might be judged for it. Embody a fuller and more authentic version of yourself because you can't deny that you've changed over the past few months. It's time to honor how much emotional work you've done and to put yourself out there in a way that reflects your deepest needs.

There is a transformation brewing beneath this full moon, as Mercury and Mars are radiating energy throughout your eighth house of death and rebirth. Walk away from what no longer serves you.