These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have A Way Better Dating Season In The Spring

Winter can have a strange effect on our love lives. With high-pressure holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas eroding the foundation of your relationships into thin ice, all it takes is one slip up for everything to go completely wrong. It doesn't help that the Sun is also moving through Capricorn and Aquarius season. Capricorn isn't especially popular for handling matters of love with joie de vivre and Aquarius would rather head for the hills than establish an emotional commitment. Crossing your fingers and waiting for spring is sometimes all you can do during this time, which is why these three zodiac signs will have a way better dating season in the spring: Aries, Virgo, and Scorpio.

Although we start spring off with a tiny dose of Mercury retrograde on Mar. 22, the Sun is still passing through the fiery, sensual, playful signs of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini. This will leave our problems on the lighter side and pull your inner child out onto the forefront where it can mingle with potential lovers. Grounding Taurus will also help steady your bond with your partner if you're already in a relationship. While we'll all feel this exuberance coursing through our veins, these three signs will feel it most intensely:


Spring launches with Venus in your sign, Aries, and romantic interests will be pursuing you ardently. You'll be swimming in flowers, date invitations, and emoji-filled good-morning texts. Whether or not any of these potential lovers do it for you, you'll lavish in all the attention. If you're already in a relationship, your partner will be beautifully devoted to you and you'll wonder how in the world you got so lucky.

Around mid-May, you'll want to open your heart up to someone and let them live there. It's not all fun and games anymore — you're ready for a serious relationship. You'll want to take things to the next level if you already have an S.O. and the astrological weather permits their receptiveness to your emotional longing for them.

By June, you'll be finding worthy romantic prospects all over your neighborhood, making it easier to forge a connection with someone compatible with you. Just keep things light and airy, for too much intensity could push people away.


Virgo, I'm jealous. Springtime is shaping up nicely for you in many ways, especially in the love department. March kicks off with your heart fluttering from here to there, open to possibilities with the majority of your planets in the top half of your chart. You'll be more adventurous, brave, and direct about what you want from love and this confidence will have you feeling like a regular Casanova. If you're taken, you and your partner will revisit the excitement of the initial attraction you guys had for each other. Don't worry, you'll have easy access to this charm well throughout April and May as well.

By mid-June, dreamy and otherworldly Neptune will be getting along well with Mercury, the planet that rules communication. It'll be easy to connect with potential lovers. In fact, your flirtations will be so fluid, they might as well be dialogue in a romance movie. This will also transfer to your relationship if you happen to be in one. You'll learn new and fascinating things about your lover and vice versa, breathing fire onto the embers of your romance.


Your 5th house of creativity and pleasure will be well lit throughout March, and since romance is so central to your character, Scorpio, there's no doubt this fun will express itself in your love life. Your heart will be flushed in whimsy, attracting potential lovers to you like bees to a springtime flower. If you already have an S.O., they'll fall even more madly in love with you, feeling lucky to have a partner who's a never-ending source of excitement.

By late-April, you'll be hungrier for love than you've been all year with Venus in your 7th house of partnerships. You'll want to dive deep into an exclusive connection with someone, to pretend you're the only two people left in the world. With how sexy you'll seem to everyone, there's no doubt you'll find someone who's up for it. If you have a partner, you'll feel like running away together and never looking back.

This fire fueling your soul will cause you to put all your energy into romance throughout May and June. This will feel like drugs to you, Scorpio, but take care not to let it affect your career and finances. The high will come down eventually and you don't want to deal with a mess when it does. Otherwise, enjoy yourself! I know kissing is fantastic, just pay attention to the road while you're driving.