These 3 Zodiac Signs May Have A Tough Time With Heartbreak This Year

by Cosmo Luce

There are years when you are up and years when you are down. In 2018, there are zodiac signs that could experience heartbreak because the planets don't seem to be working in their favor. But that's a matter of perception. In truth, when the universe seems to be against you, it's really only trying to teach you a lesson. As when you were in school, some of life's lessons come harder than others. Any time that you experience heartbreak, you are really only stimulating new growth. Coming to love is a process that takes place throughout your whole life. Heartbreak is just another kind of growing pain.

So if you find your sun sign is among those listed below, don't despair. Consider 2018 to be the year the stars send you some tough love. From personal experience, I know that the years that I have experienced heartbreak — and one year I had not one, but three breakups in a row! — have been followed by years of intense personal growth. Heartbreak is one of those things you need to experience in order to know loss, and loss is really the only way you can gain any wisdom at all. In 2018, these are the signs that are going to wise up to the ways of love.

1. Gemini

Saturn returned to its home sign of Capricorn at the end of 2017. This means that for the next two-and-a-half years, the god of time will be at its full capacity, throwing up structures and requiring all of the zodiac signs to rethink the ways in which they approach love and intimate relationships. For Gemini, that means Saturn will prevent you from pursuing your old habits of looking for your reflection in another person. Instead, you are going to have to come face to face with yourself.

As the twin, Geminis often search for themselves in the other person. This sign is so good at projecting themselves on other people that, as soon as they fall in love, they will change their whole life for that other person. But this habit is akin to trying to force a piece into the missing section of a puzzle. For most of 2018, Gemini will be learning how to be complete within themselves. The learning curve will be steep for you, Gemini, and the lessons will be hard won. But keep in mind that you are on your way to meeting your soulmate, even if it doesn't happen this year.

2. Libra

This is the year when you learn that no matter how much you try to balance the scales, Libra, life isn't always fair. This adage that has been repeated to you since childhood often frustrates you, but remember, if things balanced out on their own, we wouldn't need you. It's only through experiencing repeated imbalances that you will be able to clearly see the ways in which your internal scales are out of alignment. This year is about leveling out your emotional landscape.

This year will be a bit like a bulldozer for you. Repeated ruptures throughout 2018 will flatten you out. You will probably lose some faith in the systems that appear to have always worked in your favor. Even though you idealize harmony, Libra, recognize that chaos has a role to play, too. You can't just be nice all of the time. Sometimes, you have to fight for your own internal balance. Once you are able to be in harmony with the chaos of your surroundings, you will be able to share your wisdom with everybody else.

3. Scorpio

More often than not, you are the one who breaks your own heart, Scorpio, even though it might be easier to blame your hurts on everybody else. 2018 is charging you with getting in charge of your stinger. Events that unfold at the beginning of the year will tempt you to lash out with your poisoned barb, driving away everyone around you. If you don't harness your destructive energy, you have the potential to cause some irreparable harm that will hurt you the most.

The flip side of Scorpio's death drive is your power of regeneration. It's not that the losses aren't necessary; it's that the planets want you to be very clear with yourself about what you really want to shed. Frequently, branches do need to be cut away to make room for new growth. But you need to be very careful with your pruning this year. Not all of those bare branches are dead ones. Be sure you leave something to grow green at the end of the year, when you will experience your spring.

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