These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Find Love In 2019, So Don't Give Up Hope Just Yet

Do you believe in soul mates? Personally, I love the idea that there's someone in this universe who was made to love you; someone who's wishing they could meet someone like you just as much as you're wishing you could meet them. Regardless of where your beliefs stand, I truly hope this is the year you're finally brought together, or at least brought closer to meeting your person, because these zodiac signs will fall in love in 2019: Taurus, Gemini, and Virgo.

Of course, not all loves are meant to last forever, and whether you fall for your soulmate or you simply fall, the love always changes you in some beautiful way. With Jupiter in adventurous and open-minded Sagittarius, you'll feel called to journey near and far to meet someone who makes all the difference. You might fall in love several times, with each lover showing you a whole new world. However, with Saturn in committed Capricorn, you'll be able to build a love that lasts a life time if you're ready for it.

However, love is something not even the stars have complete control over. Finding someone to fall for involves not just an open heart, but also a whole lot of luck. It makes it so much more special though, doesn't it?

Taurus: You'll Fall In Love With Someone's Soul

With Jupiter in your intense eighth house of death and rebirth, your intuition will be spot on all throughout 2019. This transit will open you up to the deepest parts of your soul, pushing you through a spiritual journey that involves both darkness and light. However, it's not just your soul you'll be traveling through. With Jupiter in the eighth house, you'll be mining for all the gems that lie buried in someone's heart.

This transit stokes an emotional fire within, pushing you to settle for nothing less than deep passion and intense love. If you're already in a relationship, this could bring you both so much closer. If you're single, this could embed you with a desire for not just a passing fling, but a connection you'll never forget.

Gemini: You'll Spend The Year With Love On Your Mind

Throughout the duration of 2019, Jupiter will enrich your seventh house of partnerships. This transit will leave you wanting to share your life with someone special instead of going at it alone. While the seventh house involves friendship and business partnerships as well as love, it's just the right house for Jupiter to be in if you're hoping to forge a serious relationship.

If you're already with someone, this transit is bound to make things more serious. It could mean that it's time to make a move that solidifies a future together. If you're single, it will open you up to so many possibilities to change that. However this transit ends up playing out, it will teach you how to build a loving commitment.

Virgo: You'll Want To Build A Home With Someone

With Jupiter adventuring through your fourth house of home and family, this year is about nurturing your heart and engaging in a cozy, safe intimacy with not just yourself, but people you trust. You may not be as interested in passing affections, and you'll find yourself wanting to be with someone you can cuddle and care for at home.

This transit will likely cause you to think about how you can build an emotional life with someone. You may find yourself thinking more seriously about marriage, moving in together, having children, or whatever "family" means to you. If you're in a relationship, this has the power to deepen your trust for one another. If you're single, it will surely make you more sensitive about the partners you choose.