These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have Major Career Success In The New Year, So Reach For The Stars

If you're ready to make 2019 your year, then you'll want to listen closely. The cosmos are making damn sure that this new year is an incredibly prolific one. After how difficult 2018 was, don't you think we all deserve a break? I mean, at one point, there were upwards of seven different planets in retrograde at once. If it feels as though your entire life has been uprooted, it's no wonder. However, our universal story is about to get much brighter, and these zodiac signs will have major career success in 2019: Cancer, Aquarius, and Pisces. If your birth chart has any placements in these zodiac signs, prepare to experience a major glow up (if you're willing to put in the work, of course).

After all, Jupiter — planet of wisdom, expansion, adventure, and luck — will be in its home zodiac sign of Sagittarius. This has the capacity to make all your dreams and prospects bigger. If you're ready to bring a solid effort to the table, this transit will surely multiply your productive and aspirational energy. And, that's not all: Saturn — planet of discipline, hard work, and karma — is still rearranging your habits through its ruling zodiac sign of Capricorn. Right now, the cosmos are putting you through some serious boot camp. Saturn does not tolerate laziness or non-commitment. In essence, 2019 is all about going big or going home.

Cancer: You're Working Hard And Staying Productive

Throughout the majority of 2019, Jupiter will make its way through your sixth house of work and health, radiating luck and prosperity throughout this area of your life. This will bless with you with the initiative to work hard and remain diligent to your commitments. Everyone in your work place will notice.

This could be a year filled with several job offers, accomplishments in your trade, and serious results. Make sure you write down a set of goals, lay down the groundwork, and stay focused on the future. An added benefit to this transit is that your health will be functioning at an optimal state, allowing you to be as energized towards your career as possible.

Aquarius: You're Networking And Making Connections

With Jupiter oozing success throughout your 11th house of friendship and community, your career will blossom through the social connections you make. They say a career has so much to do with who you know, and this year, you have the power to meet all the right people.

Make sure you stay focused on teamwork, cooperation, and building towards something bigger as a collective. Networking isn't just about following each other on social media or seeing each other at work parties. It's about being someone that a colleague can trust and rely on. Are you ready to be the most dependable person on your team? Make sure that your name is the first name on someone's mind.

Pisces: You're Making A Name For Yourself And Succeeding

The year 2019 has the power to be one of the biggest and most successful years you've had in a long time. With Jupiter blasting through your 10th house of career and reputation, what can't you accomplish? Set your sights for seeing your names in lights, baby.

This transit has the capacity to totally revamp your public image as well as help you achieve success on a worldly scale. Don't hold back from entering contests, taking leaps of faith in your career, and working your way to the top. During 2019, your energy and efforts will definitely be noticeable to the people around you, so make sure you're working hard and staying confident in a way that people will not just appreciate, but admire.