These 3 Zodiac Signs May Experience Heartbreak In The New Year, But It Will All Be OK In The End

I know this is totally a cliché, but it's true: Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can come together. Just look back on all the pain you've survived when it comes to love. While breakups are some of the most difficult things that any of us will ever go through and nothing stings quite the way that unrequited love does, there's a reason that none of these relationships worked out. Keep this in mind when I say that these zodiac signs may experience heartbreak in 2019: Gemini, Cancer, and Libra. At the end of the day, having your heart broken is all a part of life. It allows you to understand who you are and what you need from love. And without loss, it would mean so much less when the right relationship finally finds you.

The planet that's often responsible for relationships coming to an end and love falling apart is Saturn. Being the ruler of discipline, stability, and karma, it's always forcing you to grow up, and oftentimes, growing up involves a whole lot of heartbreak. However, just because Saturn may be exerting pressure on your love life this year does not mean that you'll experience loss. In fact, if your relationship can survive Saturn's touch, it probably means that it truly is solid. However, if you are forced to say goodbye, it's because Saturn has a far better plan for you.

Gemini: It May Be Time To End Unhealthy Attachments

With Saturn moving through your eighth house of death and rebirth, you'll be forced to face the way you deal with intimacy, sexual connections, and power. Obsessive and controlling relationships, no matter who may be at fault for the toxicity, will need to be rethought. If you're struggling to forge an emotionally deep and passionately satisfying relationship that is devoid of manipulation and pain, that relationship may not be meant to last.

However, 2019 is an interesting year for you, because Jupiter is also moving through your seventh house of partnerships. While a bad relationship may end, there's just as much of a chance that an even more beautiful one will come together.

Cancer: Only Worthy Relationships Will Survive

As Saturn lays down the hammer on your seventh house of partnerships, you'll be spending 2019 rethinking the way you exist in your closest relationships. You're learning what you need from a partner and you're learning how to be a better partner yourself. This transit will cause you to think about trust, compromise, empathy, and the cooperation that a relationship requires in order for it to succeed. If your relationship proves unable to meet the criteria that you need, it may be unable to survive.

Even if your relationship doesn't make it, remember that 2019 may not be the right year to focus on love. With Jupiter transiting through your sixth house, 2019 is all about improving and focusing on your work ethic and sense of self.

Libra: A Major Emotional Connection Could End

At the root of love is a desire for a sense of belonging. With Saturn transiting your fourth house of home and family, you're re-examining what your soul needs in order to feel safe and protected with someone. 2019 will be a year that you spend doing some serious inner work, allowing you to understand your identity and core values on a far deeper level. Only a relationship that brings you closer to your truest self will mesh with this journey. If your relationship makes you feel spiritually misunderstood or uncomfortable, it may not be right for you.

However, 2019 is when you're meant to find inspiration, expand your intelligence, and refine your ability to communicate. With Jupiter in your third house of expression, it may be wiser to focus on yourself before focusing on someone else.