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These 3 Zodiac Signs Are The Most Greedy, But There's So Much More To It

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We live in a world full of contradictions, people. We're taught that selflessness is the key to living a happy life, that setting aside your ego and putting the needs of others before your own is the most benevolent thing you can do. If we could all just relinquish our desire for worldly possessions and give our money away to the poor, then the world might know peace. On the other hand, we also live in a consumerist society, telling us we need more of everything. We need to make more money, we need a mansion in a wealthy zip code, we need a luxury car, we need more followers on Instagram, and so on and so forth. So, what exactly is the right answer: wealth or generosity? I'm not here to judge you based on which side you lean toward. But I am here to tell you that these are the three most greedy zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, and Capricorn.

These three signs have such tunnel vision when they want something that they cross the line into greed all too often. But that doesn't make them bad people. While they're more than capable of leaving you feeling depleted, I promise that their greediness does have redeeming qualities.

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Aries: The Unstoppable Taker

Aries are the first sign in the astrological calendar. In other words, they're basically the infants of the zodiac. When they want something, they pour every ounce of emotion they have into achieving it. Like a child, they might totally flip out when they don't get what they want. They're known for impatiently cutting corners, sidestepping others who stand in their way, and leaving disaster in their wake while going after their dreams. When they've got their eyes on something, all bets are off. They'll stop at nothing until they get it. The ram wants what it wants.

This ruthless energy isn't as negative as it may seem. There's no way an Aries can go through life without making a mark on the world. Their turbo speed makes waves all around them, and if you've got an Aries on your side, they'll transform your world into the world you've always wanted to have. However, if you've got what they want, they'll be coming for it.

Leo: The Attention Seeker

There's nowhere a Leo would rather be than on stage, where an audience can see them in all their fame. In fact, they'll knock other performers out of the way in order to get there. The lion of the zodiac truly thrives when all eyes are on them. While some people might shy away from the camera, Leo runs right up to it and strikes their sexiest pose. It's not uncommon for a Leo to be guilty of stealing the spotlight from under someone else's feet. Honestly, they can't help it and they probably don't even realize they're doing it. They just can't keep their magnificence to themselves.

If your flames have ever been inadvertently snuffed out by a Leo's glory, you might not even care that their greedy energy has a bright side. However, for as attention-seeking as they can be, they're also incredibly generous. Whenever they win something, they always share the wealth. Whenever they are praised for something, they always mention who helped them get where they are. They just love to be the one doing the talking, that's all.

Capricorn: The Sneaky Prize Keeper

Capricorn is definitely the most mysterious sign on the list, and their greed flies so far under the radar, you might not even notice it. Capricorns will work themselves to death in order to make their dreams a reality. They'll go through all the pain and torture in the world to get what they want. The more difficult it is, the better. Capricorns love a good challenge. That being said, they're ridiculously possessive of their rewards once they've won them. They've worked so hard, much harder than most people will ever understand, that's why they'll be damned before they're forced to share.

While their greedy energy might freak you out at times, at least they're greedy about things they actually worked hard for. This sign doesn't want help from others. They're independent and they don't rely on anyone but themselves to make things happen. They expect everyone else to have that same level of work ethic. Maybe you can actually learn a thing or two from them.

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