These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Least Likely To Want Kids, So Respect Their Decision

Although the "traditional" thing to do has always been getting married and having kids, not all of us are so thrilled by the idea. Some, especially amongst the millennial age bracket, have decided to go a different route. Many are saddled by the weight of student loan debt and the prospect of buying a house in our current economy, while many of us are living paycheck to paycheck, seems difficult. Affording a child just doesn't always seem possible. Even despite the financial factors holding a lot of us back from following the same path as our parents, some just don't find the concept of starting a family intriguing. It's really as simple as that. If you want to identify them in astrological terms, these three zodiac signs are least likely to want kids: Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Capricorn.

Obviously, this isn't speaking for every single person born under these signs. If you're a Sagittarius who's got a burning desire to have a child, you're not a traitor to your own sign. It's just that these three zodiac signs are often so concerned with protecting their personal freedom that sacrificing it for the sake of tradition might not sound like the greatest idea. This doesn't mean they don't respect marriage. It doesn't mean they don't think kids are awesome, either. They might even love other people's kids! It's just that having their own kids might not be what they want. (Needless to say, you won’t find them stressing about their future baby’s horoscope any time soon.) Whether or not someone wants to start a family is their decision and their's alone. Let's all respect it.

Sagittarius: They Might Rather Live Life On Their Own Terms

A Sagittarius might care more about being able to go on an adventure whenever they want than having kids. While some consider starting a family the greatest adventure of all time, a Sag might think of it more as a restriction in life. Sure, they may daydream about it from time to time and wonder what could have been. However, at the end of the day, they're more likely to consider it a ball-and-chain. Their most-prized values include wildness, spontaneity, and freedom. With kids, their priorities would probably have to change.

However, if a Sagittarius does decide to have kids, they're known for being the most entertaining parents around. They'll also encourage their kids to go after their dreams, to let nothing hold them back from achieving greatness.

Capricorn: Having Kids Might Not Be Practical To Them

A Capricorn has the trajectory of their life all mapped out and they've got serious expectations of themselves. They're known for doing whatever needs to be done to have the career of their dreams and they've got their heart set on being number one. They're also incredibly practical about these matters and they know that life is hard work. This is why a Capricorn might choose not to have kids. They've got a lot on their plate and kids are expensive and time consuming. A Capricorn isn't ignorant of the fact that starting a family is a huge investment.

If they do make having kids a priority, they'll be the most responsible parents around. They'll make all the right decisions for their education, help finance their future, and provide stability and structure to the household. Their kids will always be able to depend on them.

Aquarius: Starting A Family Might Seem Too Mainstream

An Aquarius is the last sign in the zodiac to do things the "right" way. They're known for going against the grain, for challenging social norms, and following the beat of their own drum. Just because getting married and having kids is what everyone is "supposed" to do does not mean an Aquarius is on board. This sign is astonishingly independent and it's rare for them to make a commitment. While everyone else has baby fever, an Aquarius might be repelled by the idea of making the most serious commitment of all time. It's not all cuddles and cuteness to them; it's a serious responsibility.

However, if they do decide to bite the bullet and have kids, an Aquarius parent will always support their child's individuality. They'll help them feel safe enough to be whoever they want to be, and they'll teach them how to treat others with that same respect.