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These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Closest With Their Sisters & It Makes So Much Sense

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Ah, sisters. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. One minute, they're the bane of your existence, and the next, the bond you share is so deep that it's simply unexplainable. Sisterly love is no joke, especially for certain signs in the zodiac chart. In fact, these zodiac signs are usually so close with their sisters: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. That's right, the sensitive and emotional water signs who would do just about anything for their sisters.

No one understands just how beautiful your relationship is. Quite frankly, no one knows just how ugly it can get either. But that's where your loyalty comes from. No matter how hard life gets, you know your sister always has your back. Even if you're fighting because they stole your favorite sweatshirt or told your crush an embarrassing story from your childhood, you know your heart is always safe with them. They've been there since the beginning and they know you better than anyone else in the world. If your sister hates someone, you hate that person too. If your sister is heartbroken and needs to eat their feelings over a tub of ice cream, you'll be the first one to join, because they're your family. The only person who gets to mess with your sister is you. Otherwise, the gloves come off.

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Cancer: They Will Suffocate Their Sister With Affection

Cancers care more about their friends and family than any other sign in the zodiac. Therefore, the bond they share with their sister is sacred. A Cancer would crumble to pieces if anything ever happened to her. They have an almost psychic intuition that lets them know when something is wrong and they immediately come to the rescue. A Cancer would stop everything in their life to help their sister. They love any chance to smother them with love — and, oh, is it smothering. Their sister might need to come up for air.

While they're known for being way too sensitive during fights and getting away with a heck of a lot more by always playing the victim, the benefits of having a Cancer for a sister far outweigh the cons. They're always there to give you a pep talk and they'll tell everyone they meet just how amazing and beautiful their sister is.

Scorpio: They Would Literally Destroy Someone For Their Sister

The bond between a Scorpio and their sister is fierce and unshakeable. They would do unimaginable things to someone if they hurt them, so you better be on your best behavior. While they can definitely be cold and sarcastic on the surface, their love runs abysmally deep and their sister knows just how intense their loyalty is, even when they're being a total drag.

A Scorpio doesn't let many people into their heart. They're inherently distrustful of others and they tend to put up a protective shield. This is why they rely so much on their sister. They're one of the few people on Earth they have faith in. They're the only person they feel comfortable sharing her deepest and darkest secrets with. Without their sister, a Scorpio would feel so alone.

Pisces: They Would Be Totally Lost Without Their Sister

Without their sister, a Pisces would have no one to escape to. While they might infuriate their sister by how often they withdraw from reality, they understand their soul is sometimes too sensitive for society. A Pisces needs to be able to return to a safe place when life gets tough. They require solid doses of daydreams, fantasy, and nostalgia in order to function in this cold world. They also need a good old fashioned gossip sesh during which they can be their true selves after a long day of being nice to everyone. Who better to do that with than their sister?

They were there during all the childhood memories a Pisces likes to reminisce on. That funny story they can't stop telling everyone, the one no one really understands because "you had to be there"? Well, their sister was there. A Pisces just needs to be understood. Their sister understands them better than anyone.

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