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These 3 Zodiac Signs Make The Best Siblings & It Makes So Much Sense

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Your siblings are your first friends, whether you like it or not. If you're fortunate enough, you may end up being ridiculously close, finishing each other's sentences, and communicating through a series of inside jokes that only your family would understand. You have their backs no matter what, and they have yours. On the other hand, your siblings might be the bane of your existence — perhaps constantly surpassing you in every avenue of life or antagonizing you to until you want to explode. If you relate more to the latter, it's unlikely that your siblings are any of the three best zodiac signs to have as siblings: Libra, Pisces, and Taurus. If they were, you probably wouldn't have so many problems with them.

If your siblings are any of the aforementioned signs — with Cancer and Virgo trailing just behind — count your lucky stars. You should probably thank them for being such solid additions to your life. If you happen to be any of these signs, go ahead and send this article to your siblings. You officially have an opportunity to gloat.

To be honest, narrowing down the best zodiac signs to have as siblings wasn't an easy task. Every group of siblings is different, with their own set of compatibilities and incompatibilities. However, there's something about these three signs that, generally speaking, make them awesome members of the family. Read on to find out why:


Taurus: The Loyal Rock

Having a Taurus as a sibling is serious business. By serious business, I mean that you've got a bad-ass in your corner at all times and they'll fight for you at a moment's notice. The bull of the zodiac does not screw around when they love someone and they'll love you simply because you're their sibling, even if you have nothing in common. Loyalty is not something a Taurus spends time interpreting; they're either loyal to you or they aren't. Whoever is your enemy is their enemy, too.

I don't have to tell you just how stubborn Taurus can be. Fighting with them is a serious headache and it feels like you can never win. No matter how frustrated they might make you, you know that their stubbornness transfers just as easily to your relationship. Nothing can sway them from supporting you.

Libra: The Dazzling Peacekeeper

Libras encompass everything you'd want in a sibling. They're very concerned with maintaining companionship with those closest to them and they take their relationships seriously. Not only is it simply unheard of for a Libra to betray those who matter to them, they're also capable of maneuvering through conflicts like angels, sorting out problems with ease. They also happen to be majorly entertaining people to spend time with. Their charm, wit, and hilarity make them wonderful people to be around. Having them as a sibling is a source of never-ending laughter.

While it might get old to watch your marvelous Libra sibling enchant everyone they meet, making you feel like the slightly less cool sibling for the rest of your life, you still admire their awesomeness and take pride in being related to them. They're not privy to hogging the spotlight either. They'll make sure your talents are noticed, too.

Pisces: The Selfless Heart

If you have a Pisces for a sibling, you've gained a source of love, affection, and understanding for the rest of your life without even trying. A Pisces sibling sees every beautiful thing about you, even if you don't see it yourself. They cherish you as a sibling, understanding that you're a rare, irreplaceable gem and they were lucky enough to stumble upon you. They'll root for you for the rest of your life and they'll always be a shoulder for you to lean on. If you ever need something, your Pisces sibling will be the first person you ask. You can also tell your Pisces sibling anything. They won't judge you.

Their dreamy, elusive quality might get annoying when you want them to be serious for once. However, at the end of the day, you know they'll be there for what really matters.

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