7 Reasons Why Your Siblings Are The Best Gifts You'll Ever Receive

When you grow up with siblings, your entire childhood is chock-full of amazing and hilarious memories with them. Your parents encouraged you to get along, but loving them honestly came so easy. Whether you have a brother, sister, or both (Lucky!), you can count on your fingers and toes the reasons why your siblings are the best gifts your parents ever gave you. (I'm talking better than every single Christmas and birthday.)

The love you have for your siblings goes far beyond splashing around in the same gene pool and plastic kiddie pool in the backyard. They're crucial parts of your world, and it doesn't matter if you're older or younger, you've had their backs since day one. Now that you're older, you totally understand why your parents said those little petty fights wouldn't change how you feel about them. (See, parents have a way of slyly showing you that they're always right.)

In your opinion, when it comes to your bro and sis, you are beyond blessed to have them in your life. You may not admit it to them, but these seven reasons prove you're so grateful for the brother and/or sister your parents gave you. Oh, and you refuse to give them back.

Your BFFs Were Basically Handed To You

Making solid, genuine friendships comes with time, but when your parents came home with your siblings, you knew they were bestie material from the get-go. Your siblings are the first members of your friend group, but definitely come with additional benefits. Sure, you've made plenty of friends since you were little, but you'll never forget your OGs or cherish them any less.

You Never Feel Alone

As much as there's nothing wrong with being an only child, you know your siblings always make you feel welcome and part of something incredibly special. You always have someone to call when you need to vent, have hot tea to spill, or can't sleep. Oh, and they will be your designated plus one to any event you need them to be.

Adulting Isn't So Bad When They're Doing It With You

Thank goodness your parents decided to give you these dope partners in crime to go through life with. You guys work through the adulting struggles together, and even if you're exploring different paths, you're always swapping life hacks. Let's be real: Adulting is really only tolerable because you're not going through it alone. Your siblings are the best people to experience the ups and downs with.

Your Childhood Was Entertaining AF

You can't think about your childhood without remembering the roles your brothers and sisters played in it. Those epic hide and seek games and water balloon fights couldn't have been done alone. You also can't forget how much more magical Disney trips were with all of you rocking your Mickey Mouse ears. (Honestly, you still do that to this day.)

You Lived Together, So Every Weekend Was A Sleepover

Sure, you lived with your brothers and sisters all week long, but once the weekend hit, thats' when the real party started. Throughout the summer, sleeping in tents and building forts in the living room was what you lived for. And when any of you had a sleepover birthday party, you knew for a fact at least two people would be there (aka, your siblings).

You Get To Tag-Team Family Outings With Them

Holidays, birthdays, and family reunions are some of your favorite things. You love living it up with your siblings and cracking jokes. Just think about it; it's like having your best friends at your family gatherings, without having to explain the quirks of your family. (You know, because that could take days.)

These events don't even feel the same without them. Your siblings' faces are what you first seek out when you attend. Hey, what can you say? You're used to them lighting up the room.

Your Siblings Taught You The True Value Of Friendship

Your siblings are the gifts that keep on giving. They taught you so many life lessons growing up, and most importantly, they showed you how to be the best possible friend you could be. Thanks to your siblings, you're receptive to the golden qualities you seek in a true friend. Yeah, they've set the bar pretty high, but you've made some amazing besties because of those standards.

You genuinely don't know what you'd do without your siblings in your world. When they're around, there's no way you're not living your best life.