A trendy brunette woman smiles while sitting on the steps of her apartment and texting.
Just FYI, These 3 Personality Types Make The Best Texting Partners Ever


Let's just take a moment of appreciation for the great texters of the world, shall we? In this day and age, the ability to initiate and maintain a fun, flirty, thought-provoking text convo is a major asset when it comes to dating. And let's face it — not everyone has that skill. The Myers-Briggs personality types who make the best texters in relationships happen to have a few traits in common: they're generally outgoing, insightful, and conscientious. Not everyone values texting in their relationships (looking at you, ISTP), and it's totally OK to prefer other modes of communication. That said, if you're someone who not only enjoys exchanging a little digital banter but craves that kind of connection, then you'll want to keep an eye out for certain personality types.

It's natural to assume that Extroverts would generally be better texters than Introverts, and while they do tend to get their energy from interacting with others (rather than turning inward), that's not always the case. When you consider that texting can make it easier for a shy or reserved Introvert to be authentic and put themselves out there, it's easy to see why they might actually be great texters. While Thinkers tend to use texting merely as a practical tool for straightforward exchanges (like clarifying or confirming the details of your plans), Feelers are more likely to use texting as a way to gain emotional intimacy. It's also worth noting that Perceivers, who tend to be more spontaneous, may surprise and delight you with their unexpectedly romantic messages, Judgers are more geared toward structure and planning, and therefore may be more consistent in their texting habits.

What makes an amazing texter is obviously somewhat subjective — because every person has their own individual preferences in terms of the frequency and nature of their digital communication. That said, there's no denying that the following personality types straight-up crush the texting game in relationships.


If you're looking for an attentive texter you can count on, call of the search — ESFJs fit the bill, mainly because they're people pleasers through and through. That means they'll likely respond promptly if they think that's important to you, and to boot, they'll probably ask you lots of questions about the kinds of things they know you're passionate about.

Thanks to their Extroverted Feeling preference, The Consul is also extremely empathetic and socially adept. Basically, they know how to talk to just about anyone. They truly love hearing all about your latest work accomplishments, hobbies and interests, and even the mundane aspects of your daily life. Better yet, they'll actually remember with great detail almost everything they tell you over text.

Another thing to know about ESFJs is that they feel safest and happiest in stable committed relationships where the communication is consistent. And texting is one way for them to maintain a strong connection to their SO. So, if they're texting you a ton, it's probably because they see serious potential in your connection.


If your ideal boo is a consistent texter who never runs out of things to talk about, then an ENFJ may very well be your #endgame. Not only are they charismatic and charming AF over text, but they also have a knack for detecting your mood and motivation in such a way that they can steer the subject and tone of the conversation to fit whatever the situation calls for. They can even pick up on the nuances of what you're not saying and use that information to inform their next message. It's pretty amazing, actually — it's like they can read your mind and figure out exactly what kinds of messages you're looking for at any given moment. You can thank their strong Intuitive Feeling preferences for that.

When an ESFJ takes interest in someone new, they simply cannot learn enough about them. So, don't be surprised if you end up texting back and forth with them till 1 a.m., exchanging deeply personal info and answering thought-provoking questions. They want to know and understand you inside and out. So go ahead and indulge them — you may be surprised at just how close you can get to an ENFJ merely through digital messages.


You might say that INFJs are the least shy and reserved of all the Introverts in the Myers-Briggs spectrum. In fact, making connections with others comes super easily to The Advocate, and they have a knack for communicating with warmth, sensitivity, and enthusiasm. Not to mention, they're immensely creative, which means you'll never get a standard humdrum message from them — each one is bound to surprise, excite, and delight you.

The Advocate isn't interested in shallow relationships, so they're not likely to engage in small talk over text. If you're down for some deep, passionate convos that help reinforce your bond, though, that's more the INFJ's speed.

FYI, the INFJ is sometimes also referred to as The Counselor. So, needless to say, if you ever need some emotional support, an INFJ is just a text away — and would probably be thrilled to help you sort through your thoughts and feelings, figure out solutions to a problem, or simply be a sounding board for your current struggles.