These 2020 Short Haircut Trends Are Nothing Short Of Gorgeous

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If your short hair is in need of a refresh, it might be time to try something totally new. It's far too easy to get stuck in a haircut rut, which is why I've taken a deep dive into the top short haircut trends of 2020 to serve as some much-needed inspiration. Tons of celebs are living their best short-haired lives right now, with cool cuts from blunt bobs to trim pixies to bowl cuts — I know that last one sounds questionable, but bear with me! To learn more about how to approach these haircut trends, I spoke with Linda de Zeeuw, Master Hairstylist at Rob Peetoom Salon in Williamsburg, New York, who walked me through the top looks to try.

Ladylike Blunt Bob

I know, I know! Over the past few years, it feels like bobs have been *constantly* trending. This time, though, the shape is a little bit different, since a prim and proper, blunt bottom is the move. Let Zoey Deutch's Golden Globes 2020 hairdo be your salon inspiration. “It's always good to bring a picture for reference when you visit your hairstylist," says de Zeeuw. That said, she notes a good stylist will make changes to tailor a cut to you personally. "The length of a blunt bob has to be altered to your face shape, and with certain hair textures it can be important to cut some layers to create the most flattering volume," she explains. Don't be afraid to ask your stylist what type of blunt bob might suit you best!

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Cropped Pixie

Don't be starting 2020 off with a shaggy, half-committed-to pixie cut, y'all! Zoe Kravitz has spoken, and a super-short shape is the only option worth considering. “For someone like Zoe, the pixie looks great because of her oval face shape which is the ideal face shape for any hairstyle," says de Zeeuw. Lucky Zoe! Still, Kravitz and other pixie gals have to book regular appointments to ensure their styles stays sharp. "If you do go for a short cut, remember that you'll have to visit your stylist more often," says de Zeeuw. Still, she adds a bright side: "Your daily haircare routine will be fast and easy!” A good trade-off, if you ask me.

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Bowl Cut

I'm sorry, but ever since Charlize Theron debuted a bowl cut in September 2019, I feel like I've been seeing this look everywhere. Even Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner rocked bowl cut wigs for a recent photoshoot, and TBH, I kind of loved it! “A bowl cut is an edgy, fun haircut that we see in more editorial work because it has such a strong shape," says de Zeeuw. "A bowl cut has to be cut by a perfectionist for the best shape — you don't want to look like a toddler from the '80s!" If you're brave enough to try a bowl cut on for size, de Zeeuw suggests consulting your stylist. This is not a DIY-with-a-bowl-at-home lewk, people! "Bring a picture, ask your stylist if this style would work for your hair texture and face shape," she says, noting it helps to ask about ways to style the cut post-chop as well. "With short haircuts you can still play around with different styling options to match your hair with your outfit or your attitude for each day.” Who doesn't love a bonus way to accessorize?

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If your short hair needs an upgrade in 2020, any of the above celeb-approved looks would be great picks. While the blunt bob may be most popular, I've got my fingers crossed you pick the bowl cut. Go bold!

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