Bring your favorite pop culture moments to life with Reels' original audio offerings.

Recreate Iconic Moments From 'The Bachelor' & 'Friends' With Original Audio On IG Reels

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Since Instagram's launch of its TikTok competitor on Wednesday, Aug. 5, creators have been busy taking advantage of Reels' original audio capabilities. Some of the best videos have people trying to lip sync the most iconic moments from their favorite TV shows — and it's so easy to get in on the fun. From channeling your inner "Real Housewife" to pulling a Chris Harrison, these 20 Instagram Reels original audio ideas are a great place to start.

To check out Instagram Reels, go to the Explore page, and tap on the Reels right at the top to see what people are sharing. To create a Reel, go to the Instagram Story Camera to record and edit your own footage directly in the app with tools like alignment, green screen, text, and AR effects.

To play around with different audio choices, you have access to Facebook's entire music library — and you can also add your own audio selection or use a clip from another user's Reel. To use original audio this, all you have to do is tap on the title of the song or audio clip at the bottom of the person's Reel, and you'll be brought to a page with all the Reels using that audio. From there, you can choose "Use Audio" at the bottom of the screen to make your own creation.

For those who don't know where the start, Instagram accounts from have done the hard work for you and made it so much easier to pay homage to the biggest pop culture moments. You can find the original Reels in the Reels tab on IG profiles. From there, you can choose to use the audio in your own Reel. Think you have what it takes to channel Rachel Green or Kylie Jenner? Check out these Reels from popular TV shows and networks to find out:

1. 'The Bachelor's "Most Dramatic Season Ever"

Whether or not you think each season of the reality dating show is more ~dramatic~ than the next, everyone can agree that Chris Harrison delivers the line like a pro.

Tommaso Boddi/WireImage/Getty Images

2. Kylie's "Year of Realizing Things"

The year 2020 is one for the books, and E! News is comparing it to Kylie Jenner's approach to the year 2016. According to Jenner, 2016 had a "new energy" and was the year of "realizing stuff" for her. If 2020 is giving you similar vibes, you can do your best impression of the lip kit mogul with this original audio clip.

3. Cardi B's Butterflies At the 2018 Grammy's

Remember the time Cardi B adorably expressed her nerves in a sing-songy voice when she said by she had "butterflies in [her] stomach and vagina"? If not, you can relive it all over again with this audio clip.

4. 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' — "'Gone with the Wind' Fabulous"

Kenya Moore, one of the RHOA queens, famously ranted about how fabulous she was in this Season 5 clip, alongside Phaedra Parks' calm and collected, "You better preach now," response.


5. 'Vanderpump Rules' - "It's not about the pasta!"

James Kennedy's now infamous "pasta fight" with Lala Kent in a Season 6 episode of Vanderpump Rules is one for the books. Find out if it's really "about the pasta" and recreate the iconic moment with this audio clip from Bravo.

6. 'Real Housewives of New York' - "I made it nice!"

If you haven't yelled "I decorated, I cooked, I made it nice," after feeling under-appreciated, then you probably haven't watched Season 8 of RHONY. Even if you've never seen Dorinda Medley's relatable rant, you can now channel it with this Bravo original audio.

7. 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' - "Get them drunk. Get them fed."

Second Stewardess Madison Stalker's plan to turn a disaster around during Season 1 of the show is a classic. Lip sync to Stalker's "Get them drunk. Get them fed" audio clip for an entertaining Reel.

8. 'Riverdale' - Jughead Jones is "weird."

Jughead Jones — played by Cole Sprouse — is unashamedly weird. In this audio clip from Season 1 of the Netflix show, he infamously talks about his weirdness and how he never removes his hat, which I guess is... weird.

The CW

9. 'Never Have I Ever' - Devi's not upset.

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan's character Devi in Netflix's series co-created by Mindy Kaling has an über-relatable moment in Season 1 when she tries to pretend she isn't upset. This audio clip from Netflix is a perfect lip-syncing candidate for so many events.

10. 'Insecure' - Pep Talk

If you've ever given yourself a major pep talk, this hilarious mirror scene from Issa Rae's character in HBO's Insecure will make you LOL. With this Season 1 Insecure audio clip you can mimic Rae's pep talk skills.

11. 'Game of Thrones' - Lady Tyrell's Burn Book

Lady Tyrell verbally burns Tyrion Lannister, calling him a "brow-beaten bookkeeper," after he isn't what she'd expected to find. Keep your diss game as strong as the Queen of Thorns next time you make a Reel.

12. 'Friends' - Ross and Monica's Routine

Ross and Monica's dance scene in Season 6 might remind you of your own BFF. Try "The Routine" with the sound of snapping, dancing, and shuffling, thanks to this Friends audio clip.

13. 'Sex and the City' - Samantha Jones at a Baseball Game

Leave it to quotable Sex and the City to create a moment perfect for a lip-sync Reel. You can channel Samantha Jones' realization about what "sucks" in her life while at a Yankees game in Season 2, with this original audio clip.

14. 'Friends' - "The One Where Ross Is Fine"

Ross Geller was not really able to sell he was "fine" in Season 10, after seeing Joey and Rachel kiss. A fit for plenty of situations in 2020, this audio clip from Friends will make everyone laugh.

15. 'Friends' - When Rachel Has "Unagi"

After Ross bragged about having "unagi," which he called a heightened sense of awareness, in Season 6, Rachel and Phoebe jump out from behind his curtains as Rachel shouts, "Danger!" Show off your own unagi when you use this audio clip.


16. 'Friends' - "The One Where Everybody Finds Out"

When Phoebe learns about Chandler and Monica's secret relationship in Season 5, it's a moment for the books. Imitate Phoebe's very visceral reaction here.

17. 'Parks and Recreation' - Treat Yo' Self

Tom and Donna's "best day of the year" is summed up in Season 4 with their motto to treat themselves. Try out this 'Treat yo' self' clip thanks to the official Parks and Rec Instagram.

18. 'The Office' - "It's Happening!"

There's a fire at Dunder Mifflin, and, of course, Michael Scott's reaction in Season 5 is anything but helpful. Thankfully, it was a fictional disaster and now this audio clip will let you tell all your followers to "Stay calm!" even though, "Oh my god, it's happening!"

19. 'The Office' - Dwight's Perfect Crime

While fans of The Office have a huge soft spot for Jim and Pam, Dwight Schrute brought so much humor to the series. This audio clip of Schrute decribing the "perfect crime" in Season 5 involves stealing the chandelier from Tiffany & Co.


20. 'The Great' - "Huzzah!"

The Great isn't historically accurate for the most part, and that's the point of Hulu's modern-day comedic take on Catherine the Great's rise to power in Russia. This audio clip from Season 1 is a compilation of Emperor Peter's many "huzzahs," along with a couple thrown in by Catherine herself.

These are just a few of the of TV shows, celebrities, and films you can emulate in your Reel, so try out your favorites and keep an eye out for more Reel audio templates in the coming weeks.