These 15 funny Zoom backgrounds are perfect for your next Zoom hangout.

Up Your Zoom Game With These Funny Backgrounds That Include Hilarious Pups

Alyssum/E+/Getty Images

Nothing spices up a Zoom call like a virtual background. If you want to make your friends laugh over your next hangout, you can change out your background IRL for one of these 16 funny Zoom backgrounds. There are plenty of options when it comes to comedic backdrops, so whether you're looking for a nod to your favorite meme or a funny animal, you'll find something that suits the occasion.

If you're ready to make your BFFs bust-up during your next video call or virtual game night, swapping your background is as simple as a few clicks. Most of these backgrounds for Zoom are available from royalty-free image services, while some are from TV networks or blogs. You'll be able to download them with a click or right-click to save them to your computer. After you've downloaded a backdrop, sign into Zoom, go to your settings, and then click the Virtual Background tab. You can upload the image by choosing the plus (+) sign, and then you're ready to chat. Here are these top options to start with if you're looking for humorous Zoom backgrounds.

1. Kermit the frog

This background showcases three versions of Kermit the frog, seated beside each other posing like the "Three wise monkeys," which expresses the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" proverb. This version is pretty humorous, especially if you're giving your friends a hard time.

2. Tiger parakeet

This image from Pixabay is an unexpected laugh. With a green parakeet body and the head of a tiger photoshopped together into one "tiger bird" this odd combo is sure to make your friends LOL, even more so if they're Tiger King fans.

3. Pants Giphy background

This funny Zoom background from Giphy features an animated galaxy theme and a mix of white and rainbow text, you'll make everything laugh with the background's "I'm totally wearing pants right now," phrase.

4. The SpongeBob "Chocolate" background


If you and your pals were SpongeBob SquarePants fans, this SpongeBob background will make you remember the odd fish who was angrily against chocolate bars.

5. Corgi with glasses

You aren't the only one who gets curled up on the couch! This background of a corgi with wire glasses is hilarious, especially since the pup is giving some serious side-eye.

Brianna Santellan/Unsplash

6. Cat with its tongue out

This Zoom background is a subtly funny shot of a white cat looking off into the distance, sticking its tongue out.

7. Schitt's Creek Moira's wig wall

The official Schitt's Creek Twitter account shared some Zoom backgrounds in a tweet, and the photos include Moira's wig wall.

8. Undo 2020

Another Zoom background option available on Giphy, this animated backdrop features an old desktop computer screen with a flashing error message that reads, "Are you sure you want to undo 2020?"

9. A thumb's up

Similar to saying "this is fine" as the infamous meme of a dog sitting in a burning room, this virtual background features someone signaling a thumb's up, despite being completely surrounded by plants with no way to move.

10. Sloth background

This virtual background of a sloth has a particularly funny expression, and let's be honest, you can make an untold amount of sloth jokes while setting the stage with one.

11. The RHOBH cat meme

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has a few iconic moments, and one of them was a specific shot of Taylor Armstrong yelling. The meme background has her pointing at a cat with an equally funny expression.

12. "Thicc" Patrick

Another nod to SpongeBob SquarePants, this Zoom background features a pink starfish with a curvy figure that'll make you think of Patrick Star.

13. Dog with mustache glasses

This cute dog in disguise will make anyone laugh when you use it as your Zoom background, which features an adorable pup that's overshadowed by a pair of disguise glasses — mustache, fake nose, and all.

Braydon Anderson/Unsplash

14. Pug chillin'

This pose pretty much says it all in this virtual pug background. The good boy is chilling in the best way, but it looks like he's saying, "Won't you join me?"

15. Horse-ing around

This virtual background of a horse looking down the screen at you with pursed lips will lighten the mood instantly.

16. Carole Baskin's bike


Fans of Tiger King will laugh when you feature Baskin's leopard bike as your virtual background.