There's A Full Moon On Black Friday This Year, So Go Shopping At Your Own Risk

Drumroll, please. I have something astonishing, yet unbelievably horrifying to tell you: There's a full moon on Black Friday 2018. Ta-da! And you probably thought the cosmos were finally ready to take a break on all the mayhem, right? Wrong. Truth is, the cosmos never sleep, and this is is definitely not a drill. On Nov. 23, 2018, a full moon in Gemini will rise around the same time that eager shoppers will rise from their post-Thanksgiving dinner stupors and battle for the best deal. Wild, right? It's like the cosmos know that Black Friday is marked by high emotional stakes, impulsivity, and ruthlessness. The full moon only serves to intensify the buzzing energy, making this a Black Friday we certainly won't forget.

Why does a full moon transform Black Friday into something way more major, you may be wondering? Well, since the moon rules over your emotional instincts, they reach a boiling point when it's at its fullest stage. It's when the energy you put out into the universe during the new moon reaches a moment of culmination, and more often than not, this culmination can overflow into something unstoppable. However, let's not disregard the valid fact that this Black Friday could also bring lots of gifts your way. After all, full moons are capable of being a time of immense reward.

Impulsive Behavior And Hot-Headedness

Let's take a look at the list of planetary aspects that will only serve to push buttons and start drama. What's at the top of my list? The full moon will form a square with Mars, the planet of aggression, combat, and anger. Have I proven my point yet? When two planets form a square, it essentially means that they're competing against each other for power and there's no way one planet plans on giving up.

With a full moon in brainy and superficial Gemini butting heads with a Mars in dreamy, sensitive, and emotional Pisces, there could be a lots of hurt feelings and reckless behavior. And, let's be real here: People get super over-the-top when it comes to shopping.

Stressful Environments Can Provoke Emotional Intensity

Don't even get me started on the fact that, while full moons are an overwhelmingly emotional time in and of themselves, Black Friday will also take place during Mercury retrograde. Are you already picturing what that chaos will look like?

In order for Black Friday to run smoothly (come on, like it ever does), organization and alertness is necessary. When the planet of communication, planning, and cognitive function is in retrograde, none of us are thinking with our heads. I envision all those long and winding shopping lines vibrating with impatience. Oh, and let's also not forget that Mercury rules over technology. The reason that line is so long is probably because the card reader happens to be broken.

You Might Not Know When To Stop Shopping

It's easy to get carried away with the spending on Black Friday, so just imagine my concern when I saw that this full moon will also oppose Jupiter, planet of expansion, prosperity, and adventure. Jupiter just wants to make everything a whole lot bigger, while a full moon is searching everywhere for emotional fulfillment. When these two planets form an opposition, it means that you may find yourself struggling to find balance between their contrasting energy.

However, the fact that Jupiter is so involved with the full moon doesn't have to be a bad thing. Jupiter is known for bearing gifts while the full moon is capable of revealing rewards. If the imbalance is on your side, who knows? Maybe this Black Friday will involve one big win.