Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Your Relationships, So Brace Yourself

Have you heard the Earth-shattering news yet? Mercury — ruler of cognitive functions, communication, and transportation — enters retrograde on Nov. 16, 2018, the same exact day that Venus — ruler of romance, friendship, and love — finally stations direct. Le sigh. Let's all just form a calming circle, take a few deep breaths, maybe sing Kumbaya a few times, and... Oh, who am I kidding? This is pure astrological madness and how the November 2018 Mercury retrograde will affect relationships just proves that the cosmos are making damn sure that 2018 goes out in flames.

OK, OK, so I may be freaking out a little bit, possibly even exaggerating how chaotic the experience will be, but hey, to be fair, this Mercury retrograde will take place in Sagittarius. This sign is known for blowing everything out of proportion, jumping to conclusions, and getting way ahead of itself. Sounds like a recipe for some relationship drama, doesn't it?

However, just because Mercury retrograde is known for making you say the wrong thing at the wrong time, it can be the catalyst for some serious healing. Although it can certainly spark useless conflict if you're not careful, it can help you reassess the way you think and communicate. I mean, what's more integral to a healthy relationship than communication?

Reckless Communication And Brutal Honesty

Here's the deal with Sagittarius: It doesn't always know how to keep its mouth shut, and neither does Mercury when it's in retrograde. Chances are, we're all about to become a lot more blunt and brutally honest with each other. However, the truth hurts, and sometimes, the truth is not really the truth. Take care not to say the first mean thing that pops into your mind in a heated moment. You might not be thinking it through, and the consequences could damage your relationship.

To make matters even more risky, this Mercury retrograde will form a tense square with Neptune, planet of imagination, dreams, and fiction. No planet clouds your judgment the way Neptune does, so take care that you're not actually just projecting irrational feelings and suspicions onto your relationship.

Issues From The Past May Return Once Again

When a planet is in retrograde, it's moving back in time, causing you to go over things from your past; to reassess, review, and rethink everything that went down. Since Mercury governs the mind, this retrograde could most certainly bring up issues from the past that you haven't quite moved on from yet.

These spiraling thought patterns may only increase when Mercury retrograde enters Scorpio on Dec. 1. Scorpio is secretive, grudge-holding, and in serious need of emotional reassurance. There's a good chance that, even if you thought you were over what happened, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will reveal even more truth about the situation. Even if it seems like you're pointlessly backtracking into relationship fights that you thought you were passed, there's a reason why the issue has come up again. Take this time to calmly work through the pain, listen to your intuition, and save the major decisions for later.

People From The Past Tend To Resurface

The blast from the past certainly doesn't stop there: Mercury retrograde is infamous for encouraging us all to backtrack and contact people who are no longer in our lives anymore. In all likelihood, you might just receive an "I miss you," text from your ex during this time.

While you should definitely do your best to fight against the instinct to talk to someone who's never been good for you, not all reconnections are bad. In fact, Mercury retrograde can reignite old friendships and even help you get closure from a break-up that continues to haunt you.

The fact that Mercury will form a trine with Chiron — planet of vulnerability and healing — means that this can be an especially transformative period for your heart. Allow this energy to not only strengthen your current relationships, but also help you let go of the pain you experienced in relationships from the past.