The World's "Most Excellent" Hotels Have Been Revealed, So Pack Your Bags Now

What would you do if this situation were to happen, right now? Your best friend walks into the room and says, "Pack your bags!" There's excitement in her voice, and you may have seen a pair of plane tickets in her hand. You'd likely drop whatever you're doing and grab your suitcase. You're not sure where in the world your bestie is taking you, but your wanderlust is always down for an adventure. Anywhere, even if it's just a nearby hotel for the night, sounds like a sweet getaway. Well, lucky for you, the world's "Most Excellent" hotel chains have just been revealed. According to a recent report by TripAdvisor, there are a few places you have to stay at, like right now.

Now, let's get back to that vision: You run into your apartment and prepare for departure from the real world. You toss your toiletries into a travel-sized bag, and put your shampoo and conditioner into little containers. You pack a bathing suit, a pair of comfy sweatpants, and a new outfit. Who knows what these next few days have in store?

As quickly as you came, you turn back around and head straight for the airport. Your bestie meets you at the gate, and reveals that you're spending a few nights at one of the best global hotel chains in the world.

Just like that, you start picturing comfy robes and suites with perfectly-puffed pillows. You dream about the rooftop pool, and say to everybody standing nearby, "Somebody pinch me!" OK, but only because you should know where you're going, and it's likely one of these top-rated hotels.

What are the global "Most Excellent" hotel chains, according to Trip Advisor?


TripAdvisor, the biggest travel site in the world, revealed the world's "Most Excellent" hotel chains — and the results may not surprise you. They broke down the ranking into three categories: large, medium, and small hotel chains. From there, they used the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence to determine where you should stay for the coziest night's sleep or best overall experience. (Let's be honest: True travelers and first-time hotel goers both need this information ASAP.)

For global "Most Excellent" large hotel chains, Preferred Hotels & Resorts was the overall winner. This chain was followed by Hyatt Hotels Corporation and Hilton Worldwide Holdings. Chains like Marriott International and Best Western International are also included on the list.

These are all fairly popular names you've probably heard of, especially if you've done some traveling. More often than not, these locations have a pool or are tried and true places to stay when you have a business trip, or just want to get out of town for the night. (Like I said, are you even surprised?)

When it came to medium hotel chains, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts took the cake — with Drury Hotels Company and The Indian Hotels Company coming in second and third place. And for small hotel chains, Belmond was awarded the gold medal, with The Oberoi Group taking silver, and Loews Hotels & Co taking bronze.

What is the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence?


These hotels aren't necessarily just rated on the quality of their pillows, or whether or not there are mashed potatoes in the restaurant downstairs. No, they have the largest percentage of TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence recipients throughout the entire world. In other words, they've been most commonly given an award from the travel company for their amazing service and immensely good reviews.

If you've never used TripAdvisor before, then let me give you the scoop. Essentially, the site allows travelers to review accommodations, restaurants, experiences, and landmarks all over the globe. After having a plate of authentic Italian pasta in Florence, a traveler can hop on and leave a comment. Then, other travelers can use these reviews to plan their itinerary and create the adventure of a lifetime.

Being someone who loves travel, I've relied on TripAdvisor a lot. Seeing the green Certificate of Excellence sticker in windows and posted on the side of doorways, tells me that I'm in the right place and getting the best possible experience.

Why should you stay at one of these hotels during your next trip?

Kayla Snell/Stocksy

Even if it's just for a night or two, you and your bestie should stay at one of these hotels. After all, your accommodations are part of the overall experience, and living the suite life can be an adventure in itself.

You'll walk into the lobby and get served a glass of water that's been infused with fruit, or lay on your bed and find chocolates on the pillow. Those little details can turn any trip into a treat yo' self moment. Don't sleep on these results, OK? Well, at least until you get there — those hotel blankets are just too good.