Khloé K & Kylie Jenner Had Fun With Family At A Birthday Party, But One Person Was Missing

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Happy Birthday to one of the leading ladies in Kylie Jenner's life — her assistant, Victoria Villarroel. Villarroel is Jenner's right-hand woman who keeps the Kylie ship running smoothly and has been a close confidant and friend tightly woven into Jenner's inner circle for years. Villarroel just celebrated another year around the sun at a rollerskating rink, and most of the famous family was there to wish her a happy birthday. However, the videos of the Kardashians at Victoria Villarroel's birthday are noticeably missing someone, and no, I'm not talking about Kim Kardashian. Jordyn Woods was nowhere to be found.

Due to the nature of Villarroel's job, she spends the bulk of her days around Jenner's ride-or-dies. Up until the weekend after Valentine's Day, that included Jordy. Fans were sort of first formally introduced to Villarroel on Jenner's spinoff show, Life Of Kylie, where they witnessed some real tom-foolery between her, Jenner, and Woods. It was super common for the three women to spend all of their time together, regularly making late-night pit stops at In-N-Out and flying private to wherever Jenner wanted to go. It makes sense that Villarroel and Woods formed their own close friendship. They almost certainly shared a unique, special understanding of what it means to be close to the world's youngest self-made billionaire, and probably forged a bond they never vocalized out loud or could explain to us regular plebeians if they tried. Real talk.

So, when Khloé, Kylie, Kendall, and Kourtney were all busy posting videos from Villarroel's birthday bash, fans couldn't help but notice Woods was missing. If you're like, "Hey, you make a good point! Where was she?" then sister, you've missed a lot. Woods seems to have been exiled from the Kardashian clan ever since reports broke that she and Tristan Thompson reportedly made out at a party at his home the weekend of February 17. Elite Daily reached out to Woods and Thompson's teams previously for comment on the reports, but did not hear back by the time of publication. Woods has since gone on the record saying that they did kiss on the lips (albeit, briefly and nowhere near "making out," according to her). She even admitted she left that part out when she spoke to Khloé and Kylie the following morning. All hell has broken loose since then.

However — in true Khloé form — if she is hurting on the inside, she didn't show it at Villarroel's party. Instead, she filmed her sisters going berserk on the rink, though there's no footage of her rollerskating herself. Khloé shared a funny video trying to get Kourtney's attention and fans can hear Kourt seemingly stumble or fall off camera.

Meanwhile, Kenny couldn't stop mugging for the camera (such is the model life) and Kylie dominated the rink. Fans might remember that the two youngest sisters are a pair of risk takers and regularly participate in adventure sports and activities when they aren't busy smoldering on Instagram.

At the end of Kylie's stories, fans finally got a peak of the birthday girl herself as her guests sang happy birthday to her around a glowing cake.

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Who knows if Woods sent Villarroel an HBD text? The DRA-MA, you guys.