Khloé Kardashian & Tristan Thompson Rang In 2019 Together With The Cutest New Year's Kiss


Well, 2019 is finally here, and it's no surprise that Koko rang it in at a super epic party she hosted in downtown Cleveland with her bae and Tristan Thompson. And while it's been what some might call a rough year for the couple, the video of Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's 2019 New Year's kiss when the clock struck midnight is proof that the two really seem in it for the long haul. Or, at least have really chosen to move into the new year with a whole lotta love for each other.

Lucky for us, the famous pair counted down the last moments of 2018 on Kardashian's Insta story as they took to the mic at Rumor Bar and Lounge where they hosted the event together. And yes, y'all, we all could have gone had we been in Cleveland. Tickets were only $65-125, according to their Eventbrite.

But anyway, after Koko and TT cheered and shouted goodbye to last year (and good riddance? Or is that just me?) at Rumor with the crowd going totally and understandably wild, Koko reached up for a kiss from her dude. Then, the pair smiled at each other. It was, TBH, incredibly cute.

But Koko and Tristan really seemed to be having an incredible time the whole night. Earlier in the night, Khloe posted a video of them in the midst of the wild and wonderful bash with sparkling 2019 Instagram filters on. Koko asked Tristan if he had anything to tell the world, and he said "God bless" to everyone, and then wisely added, "Don't drink and drive!" which is, of course, always relevant advice!

No shock here, but the crowd at Rumor was having a super wild time from the looks of it. Even after the countdown, people were dancing their hearts out and rapping along to the music around ice sculptures and literally glowing bottles of champagne. (Almost makes watching the ball drop at home with vegan chocolate cake like me seem lame in comparison. Almost.)

But trust, all of this kiss-kiss stuff is not to say that Koko didn't acknowledge that the year had been one that was filled to the brim with ups and downs, especially when it came to her relationship with Thompson. Leading up to New Year's Eve, she posted a moving video collage of the highlights of her year, not the least of which was the birth of their baby, True.

The reality star and new mama wrote,

2018 was a roller coaster of emotions My soul endured, the highest highs and the lowest lows. Praise be to GOD because at this moment, I’m at an all time high.
This season the devil did not rest, I was tested, time and time again. I came out of my experiences stronger than ever! My spirit can not be broken!! This year I faced my challenges by trusting myself, not always in my decisions but in my ability to overcome whatever I was being tested with.

I'm not crying, you're crying.

And listen, you definitely might be among the Khloe lovers who are still mad at TT, but judging by their New Year's kiss, she seems happy. And that's what matters most!