The Video Of Camila Cabello’s ‘SNL’ “Cry For Me” Performance draws inspiration from the French Revol...

Watch Camila Cabello Go Full Marie Antoinette In Her Cinematic ‘SNL’ Performance


Following in the footsteps of season opener Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello didn't disappoint as she provided the music for Oct. 12's episode of Saturday Night Live. While the "Havana" hitmaker didn't have beau Shawn Mendes on hand to provide a rendition of their chart-topping duet "Señorita," Cabello gave the audience a taste of her newest singles — and it's safe to say that she went all out for the performance. The video of Camila Cabello’s SNL "Cry For Me" performance will take you back to the epoch of the French bourgeoisie with its Marie Antoinette vibes, and the visual and stylistic elements are so on point.

While I'll admit that I didn't know what to expect from Cabello's Oct. 12 debut on SNL, the 22-year-old blew it out of the park by juxtaposing the emotional lyrics from her single “Cry For Me” with the stiff elegance and refinement of the French Revolution. The singer and her dancers were dressed up in Marie Antoinette-esque gowns and suits, lavish jewelry, and coiffed up-dos as they shimmied around the stage with fans, providing a pretty big departure from Cabello's go-to aesthetic. The singer has yet to release a music video for her recent track, so it'll be interesting to see whether she draws inspiration from Versailles once again when that visual accompaniment does make its debut.

For her follow-up performance of her newest track "Easy," the songstress switched gears entirely with a look that was more in line with the M.O. that fans have come to expect. Cabello wore her hair down and donned a romantic white satin dress with thigh high slits on both sides as she belted out the intimate lyrics, which, let's be honest, are all about Shawn Mendes.

Thanks to plenty of PDA-packed sightings and some questionable makeout videos, the musically-gifted duo have made no secret of their feelings for each other in recent weeks, with Cabello gushing during a recent appearance with UK’s Capital Breakfast radio show, "We’re pretty happy. I really, really love him a lot."

While Mendes has been a little bit more coy when asked about details of their relationship, he confirmed that their loved-up appearances were "definitely not a publicity stunt" and that he'd already met his rumored girlfriend's parents. While both have yet to officially officially confirm that they are indeed a couple, I'm guessing that their summer romance is going strong into cuffing season judging from Cabello's lovey-dovey "Easy" lyrics. In other words, I'll definitely be counting on seeing many more Shamila sightings in the coming months.

IMHO, Saturday Night Live has been hitting it out of the park this season with their musical entertainment, and it looks like they're continuing to add to their solid lineup with next episode's cameo. According to a tweet shared by NBC on Oct. 13, Chance the Rapper is slated to steal the show by hosting and performing on Oct. 26, so I'd definitely tune in to see what's sure to be an unforgettable episode.