What Your Zodiac Sign Says About The Type Of Sibling You Are


Speaking as an only child, you are so lucky if you have siblings. Of course, I do know the grass is always greener on the other side. I bet you can't stand your siblings sometimes. There might even be long periods of time when you don't get along at all. You probably have just as many good memories with them as you do memories of them being ridiculously annoying. But at the end of the day, you can't help but love them. They're your first friends and they're your friends for a lifetime. However, let's talk about the type of sibling you are, according to your zodiac sign, because astrology can describe exactly why being related to you might be frustrating at times.

Here's the thing about siblings: They know you pretty damn well. They're not just your friends; they're you're family. They've been with you since the beginning, which means they know everything about your awkward phases and the embarrassing moments you've experienced. Your relationship is one that's likely marked by the deepest of love, which means you can get away with picking on each other and being a general nuisance in each other's lives. After all, the love between siblings is unconditional, right?


Aries: The Sibling Who Can't Resist A Heated Debate

You can't help but get into arguments with your siblings. You love taking things to the next level and proving you're right and they're wrong. To you, it's not that serious; you're just playing around. Even though your debates may infuriate your siblings, you're only having fun.

Taurus: The Sibling Who Gives The Silent Treatment

You can be incredibly stubborn with your siblings and if they do something to annoy you, I bet you're holding onto that grudge for a long time. If they borrow your shirt without asking or raise their voice at you, you know you're not going to speak to them for a while.

Gemini: The Sibling Who Constantly Teases

You love making fun of your siblings. You know all their vulnerabilities and all their quirks, so why wouldn't you tease them about those things incessantly? Sometimes you take things a bit far or make fun of them in public, but you know they have to love you no matter what.

Cancer: The Sibling Who Gets Mad When Others Aren't Home

You care very much about family dynamics, so you take being a sibling very seriously. You want a close bond with your brothers and/or sisters, so when they don't make time for family activities, you become very frustrated. You probably feel like you care way more than they care.


Leo: The Sibling Who Always Wants To Be In Charge

You like having things done a certain way and you probably think your siblings are totally clueless compared to you. Whether you're relying on your siblings for a simple task or something more important, you're always worried they won't do it right. Therefore, you might as well just be in charge.

Virgo: The Sibling Who's Always Critiquing The Others' Lives

You hate watching your siblings make the same mistakes over and over again, so you're probably constantly inundating them with your opinions. Sure, they might find your criticisms annoying, but what kind of sibling would you be if you just stood back and watched them screw everything up?

Libra: The Sibling Who Gets Very Passive-Aggressive

You're not one of those siblings who enjoys getting into quarrels with the rest of your family. However, that doesn't mean you never get upset. You're the type of sibling who responds by becoming passive-aggressive. The best part? You know it really bugs your siblings when you do.

Scorpio: The Sibling Who Remembers Everything

You're the type of sibling who can't forget any little thing about your siblings. You remember that one time they forgot to pick you up. You remember that time they wore their shirt inside out. With all your siblings' secrets tucked inside your brain, you know exactly what they're up to.


Sagittarius: The Sibling Who Is Way Too Blunt With The Truth

You truly have no filter, especially when it comes to your siblings. You'll say the first thing that comes to mind, no matter how blunt or offensive it may be. Chances are, your siblings have probably asked you to be a little more sensitive. However, in your defense, you're just being honest.

Capricorn: The Sibling Who Subtly Competes

You tend to view life like it's one big game and you're here to win it. You probably can't help but compete with your siblings, even if it's over the silliest things. You'll take board games too far and you'll try to outsmart them at family gatherings. You can't really help it and your siblings know that.

Aquarius: The Sibling Who's Emotionally Distant

You love your siblings, but that doesn't always mean you know how to show it. You probably show your love through your actions and by showing up, but you're not in the mood for any touchy-feely stuff. For example, posting a photo on National Siblings Day may seem totally basic to you.

Pisces: The Sibling Who Spaces Out During Conversations

Your siblings probably mean the world to you, but that doesn't always mean you're in the same world as them. When you're together, you probably start daydreaming about other things or spacing out altogether. It's because you feel comfortable being yourself around them.