The Type Of Manager You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

In the workplace, managers are a nonnegotiable part of the deal. If you're fortunate enough to have a manager you actually like, you've got no reason to dread coming in to work. However, if you're part of the vast majority, there are things about your manager you probably wish you could change. Have you ever wondered why they are the way they are? Why they do the things they do? Well, astrology has a lot to say about the type of manager you are, according to your zodiac sign.

In all honesty, there's no zodiac sign that makes a perfect manager. While there are characteristics that make each sign a pleasure to have as a boss, there are also negatives that make them insufferable in a position of authority. It all comes down to how developed of a person they are, and how in control they are of their darker impulses. After all, being a manager is by no means an easy job. Have you ever been responsible for keeping a whole team inspired at the same time as you're supposed to keep them under control? It's not easy being the good guy and the bad guy. So hey, even though all managers can be a drag, let's try to remember their awesome qualities too.


You'll never be unclear about what your Aries boss expects of you. They see your unique abilities, believe in you wholeheartedly, and their enthusiasm for the work is infectious. However, they're known for procrastinating, rushing, and they have the tendency to leave behind a mess for their employees to clean up.


Your Taurus boss is a rock for the whole team. They delegate assignments equally, treat everyone with respect, and they're willing to do difficult work for the sake of everyone else. Unfortunately, they're known for being somewhat resistant to new ideas and unsympathetic to what their employees may be going through.


With a Gemini boss, a day at the office will never be boring. They're known for infusing the work with creativity and fun. They're also able to think on their feet, helping their employees through anything. On the downside, they're easily distracted and hard to get ahold of. They're also known for causing work drama.


When you've got a Cancer for a boss, your workplace starts to feel like home. They treat their employees like family, are ceaselessly loyal, and they always want you to feel comfortable under their conditions. However, they can take things a little too personally, and because they see you as family, they can also be emotionally demanding.


Your Leo boss is inspirational to you. They have a confidence and flair that rubs off on you. Working for them makes you feel like you're working towards the career of your dreams. However, they can forget that being a boss means that they have to be there for their employees. It doesn't mean being worshipped by them.


It's hard to feel confused when you've got a Virgo for a boss. They're so organized, efficient, and focused that their directions are crystal clear, helping you get things done smoothly. However, they have incredibly high expectations, and if things aren't done perfectly, they'll hold every single error you made, no matter how small it is, against you.


Your Libra boss genuinely loves coming to work and seeing your face. They love working with you, make you feel so appreciated, and they have a special relationship with every employee. However, their need for constant harmony can come at the cost of being direct. Instead of being honest, they can be passive aggressive.


With a Scorpio boss, you'll never have to worry about them leaving you out to dry. They're fiercely protective of their flock, and if you're on their team, there isn't anything they wouldn't do for you. However, good luck hiding anything from them. They can be pretty paranoid and intensely investigative. Nothing gets passed them.


A Sagittarius boss makes even the most boring work exciting. You might even forget that you actually have a job because you look forward to whatever storm they're cooking up. However, their energy can be hard to keep up with. They're also not great at establishing rules or boundaries, leaving things unclear.


It should come as no surprise that a Capricorn is your boss. They were made for this position. Leadership comes naturally to them. They can motivate you and inspire you during the same conversation that they constructively critique you. However, they forget that not everyone loves work as much as they do. They live to work. Some of us work to live.


Your Aquarius boss is the edgiest boss you've ever had. They're pushing the limits and making sure the workplace isn't stuck in the past. They're also great at encouraging the team to work together. However, their progressive methods can lack reliability, as things are always changing, and they can be unsympathetic to your confusion.


When you've got a Pisces for a boss, you forget they're your boss. Instead, they feel like your wise friend who's here to help you along the way. They make you feel like you've always known the answer. However, they can be overly emotional, and when they're feeling lost, it rubs off on the whole team.