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Tell Me Your Zodiac Sign & I'll Tell You Your Secret Pet Peeve

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Pride is a fickle thing. On one hand, you want to appear like nothing ever phases you, but on the other, there are simply certain things that never fail to grind your gears. However, actually admitting you're annoyed is a dangerous game. It can make you look irrational, inflexible, and downright immature. I mean, let's be honest: Aren't some of the things that annoy you kind of ridiculous? You're an adult, so you should get over it, right? Wrong. Let's talk about the pet peeve you'd never admit, according to your zodiac sign.

No matter how wise and sophisticated you'd like the world to think you are, there's a brat living inside everyone that never dies. This brat pouts, complains, and rolls their eyes. They're easily angered, overly sensitive, and they definitely can't take a joke. It's a sight to be seen when that brat gets unleashed. You never live it down. People don't forget the times when you acted like a total brat. But, remember, we're all brats. The trick is to hide that brat like your reputation depends on it. But when faced with your pet peeve, it's all easier said than done.


Aries: A Healthy Amount Of Competition

You're used to dominating the competition, so when people actually start bringing in their A-game, you're secretly livid. I bet you start making a bunch of excuses as to why you're not winning, but have you ever heard of something called "sportsmanship"?

Taurus: Doing Things Someone Else's Way

You tend to believe that you've figured out the most efficient and effective way to do something, so when you're forced to abide by someone else's methods, you hold back so much frustration. Point blank: If their way was the right way, it would be your way.

Gemini: Conversations That Don't Involve You

Awkward silence bothers you, but not as much as being surrounded by conversations you're not a part of. You can't help but try to weasel your way into situations that have nothing to do with you. They'd be so lucky to hear your opinion, whether it's warranted or not.

Cancer: When No One Notices You're Upset

You're feeling a constant maelstrom of emotion, but you never like to admit what you're feeling right off the bat. It's obvious you're mad, so why isn't anyone asking you "what's wrong?" just so you can tell them "nothing," over and over again?


Leo: Someone Else Getting All The Attention

You love appearing like the most generous and thoughtful person, but secretly, you're doing it all for the praise. When it comes down to it, actually letting someone else have the spotlight grinds your gears. I bet you've already got a plan to get the focus back on you.

Virgo: People Who Don't Listen To Your Wisdom

Watching people do things wrong offends you so deeply that you can't help but give them some constructive criticism. When you go out of your way to tell people a better way of doing something and they don't listen to you? That's when you're truly insulted.

Libra: People Who Are Blunt About Their Feelings

Even though you love watching drama, you hate starting it and you definitely hate being part of it. You're nice to everyone, even people you don't like, so when someone is straight up and confronts you about something you did, you're extremely annoyed.

Scorpio: People You Can't Immediately Read

You're so used to reading people like a book and sizing them up that when you can't read them, you're feeling all out of sorts. You, yourself, are a mystery, but when other people choose to be mysterious, how can you always be one step ahead of them?


Sagittarius: Having To Stick To The Plan

You love living life by the seat of your pants, which also means you hate having to commit to plans and you hate having to be somewhere at a certain time. When someone forces you to buckle down and honor a commitment, you're secretly feeling so suffocated.

Capricorn: When Someone Breaks The Rules

You hate seeming like a boring, old person, which is why you don't want everyone to know just how much it bothers you when people break the rules. The rules are there for a reason. When you associate with a rule-breaker, you know it just makes you look bad.

Aquarius: People Who Like Corny Things

You get that people should be able to enjoy what they want to enjoy... but should they? If someone has incredibly corny taste or they just follow every single trend that's currently in style, you seethe inside. You know it's pretentious, but you can't help it.

Pisces: People Who Make Too Many Jokes Directed At You

You laugh along with jokes when it's aimed at someone else, but when it's aimed at you? You feel so insecure about it. You try to hide the fact that you're feeling so offended, because you know it's all a joke... but is it really a joke? What if they actually mean it?

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