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Tell Me Your Zodiac Sign & I'll Tell You The Food You Always Have In Your Home

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There's nothing more devastating than an empty fridge. Seriously, have you ever returned home from an evening out only to find that all the stores are closed and you've got nothing to eat? Your belly is rumbling, you don't know how you're gonna sleep with snacks on your mind, and you've just got to accept your fate until you can stock up tomorrow. As you may have already guessed, I can get pretty hangry, so I don't let this tragic story happen often. Let's talk about the food you always have at your apartment, according to your zodiac sign, because in all honesty, it could save a life.

If you're anything like me, there are just certain foods you snag during every single one of your grocery store trips or Instacart orders. These foods never fail to satiate your appetite, improve your mood, or make you feel at home. Without them, your kitchen feels like its lost its soul. After all, the kitchen is the most important room in your home, and what it lacks in the right food, you lack in life. If your fridge is currently missing that special something, what are you waiting for? Break out the credit card, and place your order ASAP.


Aries: Chips

You're always on the go, and when you're hungry, you're way too impatient to wait for a whole meal to be cooked. Instead, you tear open a bag of chips, eat a handful at a time, and of course, lick your fingers at the end. Hey, everyone does it.

Taurus: Frozen Pizza

You take your snacks seriously, and when you snack, you do not mess around. Your freezer is probably crammed with the finest frozen pizzas on the market and you definitely have no problem eating the whole thing in one sitting.

Gemini: Popcorn

You're scatterbrained and absent-minded when it comes to snacks, so popcorn is your go-to. They never go bad, take minutes to bake, and of course, you know they're the perfect snack to eat while indulging in your guilty pleasure TV show or that hot gossip you love so much.

Cancer: Homemade Leftovers

You're that person who always has leftovers from a home-cooked meal you made from scratch. Your favorite ingredient is love, and I bet all your friends make up excuses to raid the Tupperware in your fridge.


Leo: Ice Cream

You're all about decadence and sweetness, which is why your freezer probably has an entire section dedicated to various flavors of ice cream. Whether you're scooping bowl-fulls for your friends or eating straight out of the carton, this is your happy place.

Virgo: Avocados

You love staying healthy, but that doesn't mean you're not obsessed with snacking. Everyone knows avocados are the yummiest health food of all time. Whether you're spreading its creamy goodness on toast or spicing things up with guac, you're game.

Libra: Cookies

You can't resist sugar, but not just any kind of sugar. I bet your kitchen is always brimming with the cutest and most decadent cookies from the snazziest bakeries. If it isn't, you've got cookie dough on deck and they'll be ready in 30.

Scorpio: Soup

You've got cans and cartons of so much soup, your friends are worried. But in all honesty, you can't resist the herbal and brothy flavors and the way it's both subtle and filling. Whether you've got a cold or you're just in the mood, you're all about soup.


Sagittarius: Hot Sauce

Some people might say that hot sauce isn't a food, per se, but you'd hotly contest that. You've got so much hot sauce in your kitchen that your tongue is on fire the moment you enter. To you, food is merely a vehicle for hot sauce.

Capricorn: Cheese And Crackers

You're a grandparent at heart and your kitchen wholeheartedly reflects that. You've got the classiest boxes of herbal crackers and the tastiest gourmet cheeses to accompany them. The only thing missing? A bottle of wine, of course.

Aquarius: Hummus

You may be all about remaining environmentally conscious, but you're also all about taste and culture. Hummus is the perfect snack, as it's full of protein and it's chic as hell. You've got pita bread and pita chips on deck, of course.

Pisces: Boxes Of Cereal

When it comes down to it, food isn't just about feeding your hunger. You want it to take you back to a better place, which is why you've got boxes of all sorts of sugary cereals from your childhood in your pantry. If it's frosted, you're on board.

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