BTS' V hits the red carpet in a floral blazer.

V Spoiled Songs From His Mixtape In Front Of Staff & ARMYs Love His Rebel Energy

The Chosunilbo JNS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

BTS' V has new music up his sleeve, and while it's not out just yet, he's not against giving fans a sneak peak. The singer blessed ARMYs with a special first-look at snippets of several solo songs during his birthday VLIVE on Dec. 30, even though his management team seemingly told him not to. The sneaky move had fans losing it, and the tweets about BTS' V spoiling his mixtape in front of staff are everything.

V's mixtape has been in the works for a while now, so fans have been anxiously waiting to hear what his solo tunes will sound like. The details have been few and far between, but he shared a little info about the project in BTS' docuseries Break The Silence. According to V, penning solo songs has proven difficult, but it's only inspired him even more to write authentic lyrics. "I won't be able to write poetic lyrics like Namjoon, but I'd like to write lyrics that convey my true feelings. It's not easy. How do I get my true feelings across?" he said.

Judging from how excited V was to give fans a listen, his writing process ended up going pretty darn well. He's shared several sneak peaks of the mixtape so far, and in his latest VLIVE, he was smiling from ear to ear as he let fans in on his most-personal body of work.

Fans couldn't get over V's rebellious grin as he spoiled parts of his mixtape (as the staff behind the camera seemingly looked on in disapproval), and Twitter soon exploded with hilarious reactions to the clip.

Of course, V didn't play the full mixtape, or even full songs (actually, he barely played a second of each song), but fans caught just enough to get them even more excited for his solo release.

During BTS' Nov. 20 press conference, V shed a little light on what ARMYs can expect to hear. "While creating [BE], it did not include the classic and jazz style, but the mixtape I'm preparing soon will have those kinds of vibes," he said.

V's live video coincided with his 25th birthday, and though he didn't release the mixtape on his special day, the spoiler session was the ultimate gift for fans.