ARMYs Can't Help But Say The Same Thing About BTS' "ON" Music Video

BTS on YouTube

Feb. 21 was a huge day for the BTS ARMY. Not only did fans get BTS' Map of the Soul: 7 album, which includes 20 tracks, but they also got BTS' "ON" music video. The BTS ARMY always goes hard with streaming BTS' official music videos, and they're already doing the same with this one, especially because it's nothing like what the group has done before. These tweets about BTS' "ON" music video praise the group.

Even before the music video was released, fans had a feeling the "ON" video would be unique. In January, BTS shared their "comeback map" outlining their upcoming schedule, and it teased a "Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima" performed by BTS for their lead single. According to the map, the film would accompany the release of MOTS: 7 on Friday, Feb. 21. Fans were really curious as to what the film could be, since the map also teased an official music video for "ON" coming on Feb. 28. As it turns out, the Kinetic Manifesto film is also an official music video.

After waiting nearly a year for BTS to make another comeback, fans are getting spoiled right now with all these offerings from the group. The group gave fans previews of their new era with the releases of "Black Swan," "Interlude: Shadow," and "Outro: Ego" before the album came out. Now, BTS' "ON" music video is officially out, and it's super powerful. It perfectly embodies the group's latest concept this comeback.

Watch BTS' Kinetic Manifesto Film below.

As expected, the BTS ARMY is in a frenzy because of the music video. They're busy dissecting every detail about the clip, and creating theories as to what it could all possibly mean in terms of the group's overarching narrative. Check out the Twitter buzz below.

It's official: The music video for "ON" is already iconic.