The Tweets About BTS' "Dynamite" Teaser Video Are Praising Its Retro Vibes

ARMY Is Swooning Over BTS' Retro Look & Sound In The New "Dynamite" Teaser


BTS is set to explode on the charts with their upcoming single "Dynamite." After announcing the single's release on Aug. 4, fans have been holding their breath as they wait for an actual sneak peek of the song, and now they finally got one. Sure enough, ARMYs are totally in love with the song's sound and the video's visuals, and the tweets about BTS' "Dynamite" video teaser prove it.

Big Hit Entertainment first gave fans a glimpse of BTS' latest hair colors on Twitter. On Aug. 10, they posted solo shots of the members, revealing J-Hope's hair is black, Jungkook and Suga's are dark brown, V's and Jin's are honey brown, Jimin's is brown with purple highlights, and RM's is bright blue. Fans were so shocked, and were convinced the guys' colorful hair changes and outfits were a sign "Dynamite" was going to follow a retro concept.

Fans' suspicions only grew when Big Hit posted more photos of the group in what looked like an old diner. Not to mention, a few of BTS' performances at their Bang Bang Con virtual concert also seemed to fit a retro theme, especially RM and Suga's "Respect" and the group's "Boy With Luv" stages.

Days before dropping their new single on Friday, Aug. 21, BTS gave fans a first look at their upcoming "Dynamite" music video with a teaser. Just like ARMYs predicted, the clip confirmed an old-school theme.

Watch it below.

Fans couldn't stop raving about the guys' '80s and '70s-inspired outfits, which included a variety of blazers and dress shirts. If the retro theme wasn't obvious enough, at the end of the clip, the members posed in front of a huge "DISCO" sign by kicking their legs in the air, revealing they were wearing flared pants.


The video was less than 30 seconds long, but in that short time, fans also drew connections to BTS' "Boy With Luv" music video. They noticed the clips have similar color palettes and font styles.

Here's how ARMYs reacted to the teaser:

As you can tell, fans can't wait to see the full "Dynamite" video on Friday, Aug. 21.