The BTS ARMY Is Feeling So Nostalgic Listening To The Hip Hop Vibes Of "Dionysus"

by Jamie LeeLo
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'd like to name April 12 International BTS day. Why? Their latest comeback album Map of the Soul: Persona just dropped, and ARMYs are living for/dying for it. I can't go through with the whole holiday thing because the gang pumps out such amazing content so regularly, but it is the most important date to me right now. The tracklist has had fans losing their minds ever since it was released, and tweets about BTS' "Dionysus" show this track is a fast favorite.

Big Hit Entertainment teased the album when they dropped the names of Map of the Soul: Persona's songs on Sunday, April 7. While fans went to town analyzing each and every track, "Dionysus" had a particularly large number of question marks around it. Why the Greek reference? Who/what are the boys talking about? J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Suga, and V kicked up even more interest when they released some concept photos laying in grapes. (Dionysus is theorized to be very popular among other Greek gods for his love of winemaking, which means grapes are kind of his thing.)

Now that the song is here, these lingering puzzle pieces are falling into place.

Here are some of the lyrics (translated to English) in "Dionysus":

Just get drunk, like Dionysus / In one hand, a shot glass, and in the other hand, Thyrsus / Art flowing inside the transparent crystal cup

Later on, the lyrics go:

Until the sun comes up, where the party at / Until we fall asleep, where the party at / Sing it, sing it again

As with all things BTS, ARMYs on Twitter are raising their gorgeous voices in harmony and appreciation for the new hit. One thing about these fans is that they treat BTS' personal achievements like their own achievements — as if they personally wrote "Dionysus" and it turned out better than they thought. Check out some of the love the group is getting:

Ugh. These guys are on a roll, and they've done an excellent job capitalizing on their comeback, too. For example, BTS is appearing on SNL one day after the drop of Map of the Soul: Persona, which is the perfect time to double down on their growing fanbase in the U.S. Now that the new album is here, it's hard to know which song(s) the boys will perform on the iconic stage in Radio City Music Hall, but "Dionysus" might make the cut!

There is also speculation about whether or not the boys will be walking the Met Gala red carpet this year, considering their tour schedule makes space for that date. The boys have shows stateside straddling May 6, which is when fashion's largest night is taking place. They're also buddy-buddy with Baz Luhrmann, who was the director of the Met Gala's performances in 2018.

All of this just further proves what ARMYs have been saying all along: The boys of BTS may not be Greek gods like Dionysus, but they are the gods of K-pop fans' hearts.