The Top Baby Name Trends For 2019 Are Trendy, Sweet, & Totally Not What You'd Expect

Bring on all the "aww's" for cuteness, and leave your outdoor voices at the door. It's time for some baby talk. I'm not currently expecting, nor do I have a child of my own. In fact, to most of my family, I'm still considered the "baby" — the youngest who's supposed to get away with anything. (That's not really how it goes.) But, one day I'd love to have a little one, and give them the entire world. For now, I'm having fun reading up on the top baby name trends for 2019. They are trendy, sweet, and totally not what you'd expect. Care to join me?

Truth is, you're awfully curious about what's cool in the baby world right now. Someone you know is having a baby or adopting, or maybe you're bringing your own tiny human into the world. Either way, the miracle of life is happening, and you don't know what to do with your emotions. How can you prepare for something so life-altering and beautiful?

Well, I would start by crying a few happy tears, and then getting some #necessary supplies for the mother-to-be. A crib, extra diapers, and books on pregnancy or parenting are always a good idea. Then, out of pure excitement, I would start looking into baby names and what's trending around the world, so you know what's up.

Good Housekeeping recently compiled a list of the most popular names for 2019, and the info may surprise you a bit. Get ready, because all of the cutest names for every bouncing baby are here.

What are the top baby name trends for 2019?

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Let's get right to it, because soon enough the baby is going to come, and you want to be prepared. Nameberry, a site that examines baby name trends, found that names borrowed from around the globe are becoming increasingly popular. These names include: Acacius and Cyrene, Niabi, Jedda, Sena, Lior, Lautaro, Aroha, Kiran, and Walken.

Gender-neutral names have also been on the rise. The most popular include: Justice, Briar, Campbell, Finley, Journey, Laken, Revel, Robin, Royal, and Story — all of which are beyond sweet, in my personal opinion. OK, did you get all of that? Perfect, because we're not quite done yet.

Pop culture-related names are trending.

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Aside from all of those trendy and likely unexpected names, there are a few more that are inspired by pop culture and what's happening in the world right now. For example, in a recent study done by BabyCenter, it was revealed that the name Stormi has grown 63 percent in popularity since Kylie Jenner had her baby in Feb. 2018. The Kardashian clan also put the name Dream on everyone's radar, and True and Chicago might be next!

Clearly, names have changed from back in the '90s when we were in classes with many Kellys, Sarahs, and Alis. They have changed drastically since our parents' day with classmates named Dolores, Martha, Julie, and Susan. (Oh, the nostalgia is all too real!)

By now, your knowledge of what's up with baby names that are in is probably stronger and brighter than ever before. So, let's wrap this up real quick. One last "aww" for the road? Sweet!