The Top 2019 Road Trips In The U.S. Will Treat You & Your Besties To All The Sights & Sunshine

Lately, you've been feeling like the world is cruising into summer. Each week is coming and going, and the weather is only getting warmer and sunnier. You're rolling the windows down when you drive, putting on your '90s rock and roll playlists, and soaking it all up. It's like the planet knows you've been getting excited for beach days, bonfires, and all the memories to come. Truth be told, though, you haven't been preparing your summer plans or researching much about the top 2019 road trips in the U.S. Lucky for you, I have the 411 on the itineraries you need to follow over the next few months.

Planning a road trip takes a little bit of time and effort prior to packing up the trunk and hopping on the highway. It takes knowing what excursions are musts, which national parks are downright stunning (Spoiler alert: All of them!), and how you're going to get from Point A to Point B. It also takes finding the besties in your life who are down for an adventure, and texting them, "Hey, I have a wild idea. Are you in?"

Odds are, your besties will respond, "Of course," and ask you about what you're dreaming up. You'll tell them that you want to take a road trip for 10 days, and they'll create a shared document where you can track who's bringing snacks, sunscreen, and some maps. You'll research the most wanderlust-worthy routes to take in the U.S., and realize that in 2019, the best road trips are made for exploring the West. The sights and endless sunshine await.

What are the top road trips to take with your besties in summer 2019?

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I won't hold onto this info and #inspo any longer, because you have some serious planning to do. Here's the scoop.

The first of these trips goes through the mountains of Colorado. It starts at Beaver Creek, a resort where you can attend the Beaver Creek Wine and Spirits Festival from Aug. 8-11, 2019 (if you're 21 or up), and hike some beautiful trails. It then goes to Vail and Breckenridge — aka, great locations to check off adventurous things on your bucket list, including zip-lining, tubing, and even more hiking. This road trip wraps up at Keystone Resort. You'll feel right at home, all thanks to the cute cookie jar in your room at Keystone's Ski Tip Lodge, which is a charming bed and breakfast that was made for the 'Gram.

The second trip is dedicated to exploring the beautiful coastline of California, into Mexico. It starts in Huntington Beach, and continues through Laguna Beach, La Jolla, and San Diego. Stopping at each of those destinations for a few days is an essential part of the itinerary, so that you can learn how to surf, relax amongst the palm trees, and stay in Instagram-worthy hotels, like Pasea Hotel & Spa (Huntington Beach) and Surf & Sand Resort (Laguna Beach). The trip then wraps up in the Baja Coast in Mexico, where you can go cliff jumping and continue to live your #bestlife in vacation mode. (Pack some extra sunscreen for this one, OK?)

Next up is a road trip that kicks off in Scottsdale, Arizona. This itinerary is meant to fill your camera roll with pictures of red rock and make you feel refreshed from the "real world." After exploring Scottsdale, you'll head to Paradise Valley and maybe take a free yoga class at Mountain Shadows (which are held on Thursdays at 6 p.m.). You'll then go to Sedona, where you can meditate with the moon at L'Auberge de Sedona, and treat yourself to other rejuvenating spa treatments. Then, you'll end your journey in the Grand Canyon.

Personally, this road trip is my jam — and when you arrive at the Grand Canyon, you may want to extend your itinerary because you love it so much. I don't blame you, and would suggest doing some extra planning to get yourself to some of the secrets spots in this area. Those dreamy stops will take your summer from average to totally next level.

Last but not least, consider a road trip through southern Utah, and go to all the national parks for some stargazing and camping. Take in the views at Bryce Canyon National Park and Arches National Park, and collect trail maps as you go. Pose for photos with the towering mountains of red rock, while also being respectful of the Earth and doing your part to preserve the natural beauty. After all, someone else is going to come to these places on their very own road trip and want to see all the sights, too.

What excursions and accommodations should you and your besties book for these road trips?

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If you're heading down the coast of California and stopping in all of the cities along the way, consider booking a few nights at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego. They have a mermaid fitness class, where you and your besties can work out with colorful tails and live out your Ariel-inspired dreams. (Um, yes please!)

On that same road trip, dedicate a couple of extra days to exploring Los Angeles and the colorful walls on Melrose Avenue. Go hiking near the Hollywood sign, and eat at the trendy restaurants that your favorite influencers have recommended.

One last thing to add to your itinerary is glamping in a yurt, specifically in Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. For those of you who don't know, glamping is essentially camping, without all the roughness of being in the great outdoors. You and your besties can stay overnight in these cozy yurts so that you can see the stars light up the night sky, in a certified International Dark Sky Park, and continuing adventuring the next morning. Summer will have never seemed so good.

What should you and your besties pack for one of the summer road trips?

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Planning is arguably the most difficult part of any road trip. You may be feeling a little more confident now, though, that you have so much info and inspo. Do yourself a favor and shift your focus to packing, and then it will be time to go.

Grab a suitcase or a bag that won't be too bulky or take up a lot of room in your car. Fill it with bathing suits, a couple of good pairs of sneakers, and sunglasses, too. You and your besties will want to bring along cameras, Polaroid frames, and stylish hats for when you're doing really adventurous and memorable things. But, it's also important that you bring a resuable water bottle and a backpack for when you're hiking, glamping, and taking in the beautiful sights and sun.