A young woman in a red dress takes a picture on her phone while vacationing in Greece.
The Most Liked Homes On Airbnb's Insta From Summer 2019 Are #Vacay Dreams

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Are you spending a lot of your afternoons lately daydreaming about where you'd like to plan a future trip to? Many #vacay lovers likely feel the same, and are reminiscing on their past experiences to satisfy their travel bug. They're going through their "wish lists" on Airbnb and getting inspiration for future trips they want to take around the world, when it's safe to do so. Some of the top 10 most liked homes on Airbnb's Instagram from summer 2019 might be their primary inspo.

When you close your eyes and imagine the beach getaway of a lifetime, you're probably picturing accommodations that are very similar to the homes on this list. You might imagine a mustard-colored villa next to the lakes in Italy, where you can gaze out at the mountains as if you were a character in a juicy romance novel. You're likely wearing a colorful bathing suit or dress that makes you feel like a celeb who frequently poses next to a luxe pool with friends on Instagram.

When you open your eyes, you may feel totally ready to pack a suitcase and hop on a plane to wherever there's sun, sand, and turquoise water. Before you get ahead of yourself though, slow down and check out these homes on Airbnb. They were the most liked on their Instagram from summer 2019, according to recent press materials from the Airnbnb team, and just might be what your #vacay dreams are made of.

This Epic Home With A Spa And #Views In Møre og Romsdal, Norway

First up is this epic home with an outdoor spa in Møre og Romsdal, Norway. As you can see in the Instagram picture, its hot tub and outdoor setup look so inviting. When the sun is about to set, you'll want to take a dip in the hot tub along with a glass of wine, and watch the sky turn vibrant colors.

This Adorable Bungalow Next To The Water In Milos, Greece

If you've ever wanted to feel like you're in Mamma Mia and travel to the lovely beaches of Greece, this adorable bungalow studio in Milos will surely get added to your travel mood board. The Airbnb rental is close to the water, so you can literally wake up to ocean waves and breakfast food. What else could you ask for?

This Chic Villa With A Massive Pool In Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca, Mexico is calling your name, and one day you're going to answer it. You'll likely check into this chic villa with its expansive pool that's made for your Instagram feed. If you do check in here, be sure to take a luxurious nap in its bed.

This Tiny Cottage With An Outdoorsy Vibe In Hordaland, Norway

A tiny cottage next to a lake in Hordaland, Norway is the ideal spot for a getaway. It's the best place to log off of social media and simply enjoy your surroundings. This sweet home is conveniently located near some hiking trails and Sandvin Lake, so you can really kick back with nature.

This Trendy Home Near The Mountains In Lake Como, Italy

This trendy home in Lake Como, Italy has something for every traveler. It's situated near the mountains, so you can take a dip while pretending you're in a rom-com style book. It also has a heated pool for when you want to relax and actually read that same kind of book. An adorable, orange patio also makes it the prime place to enjoy a meal with someone you adore.

This Floating Spot That's So Serene In Palm Beach, Australia

So, you've heard of renting your own private island. But, were you aware of this floating villa that you can rent on Airbnb? If not, then you need to scroll through the pictures of this tiny, yet serene home in Australia. A sun-drenched vacation has never looked sweeter.

This Modern Place With Lots Of Trees In Grey Highlands, Ontario, Canada

Don't sleep on this modern place overlooking Lake Eugenia, Canada. It's heaven on Earth with its cedar trees and bright rooms. One look at the bold fireplace and sleek design, and you'll understand why it was liked so much on Instagram. It may even instantly be added to your bucket list.

This Waterfront House With A Chill Atmosphere In Mollymook Beach, Australia

After a day of sitting on the beach, you may typically take a hot shower and then a nap. What better place to do that than in this waterfront house in Mollymook Beach, Australia. Spoiler alert: The home is right on the water, and when you look out the windows, all you'll see are waves on waves on waves.

This Romantic Treehouse With A Cozy Bed In Katik Lantang, Bali

Sleeping in the rainforest is possible, thanks to this romantic treehouse in Katik Lantang, Bali. It's probably a place you've seen pop up on your Instagram feed before, thanks to a fave travel blogger. You'll have to experience its bed and jungle-loving pool for yourself, and check out the nearby rice farms.

This Dreamy Barn That's A Nice Escape In Devon, United Kingdom

One of the most liked homes on Airbnb's Instagram in summer 2019 was this dreamy barn that should probably be your next international escape in Devon, United Kingdom. It'll let you have chill mornings filled with coffee or some sweet reflection.