The Tiny IHOP Dinner Series In LA offers mini favorites from the restaurant.

IHOP Is Opening A Tiny House Restaurant Where You Can Eat Exclusive Dishes

Have you ever dreamed of entering a sweepstakes and actually winning the grand prize? I know I used to imagine winning some good ones when I was a kid. Well, I'm about to go right back to daydreaming about the winning it all, thanks to the Tiny IHOP Dinner Series in Los Angeles, California. In case you're wondering, the Tiny IHOP is a place where you can have a unique dining experience and eat some mini versions of your fave dishes from IHOP. It sounds like a dream come true, yeah? I was thinking that, too. But this isn't a joke. IHOP actually collaborated with A&E’s Tiny House Nation to build the brand new, first-ever Tiny IHOP restaurant. And, the even better news is you can try your luck at getting an exclusive seat during the chain's Dinner Series in December.

So, how do you score a meal during this limited-time Tiny IHOP Dinner Series? Well, there are a couple ways to do it, but the most coveted is going to be the Tiny IHOP Ultimate Experience Sweepstakes. It definitely sounds impressive, but what happens for the lucky person who wins? The Tiny IHOP Ultimate Experience Sweepstakes gifts a three-day, two-night stay for you and a guest in Los Angeles. The prize winner gets airfare and accommodations covered, plus a dinner for two at the Tiny IHOP Dinner series. According to IHOP's official sweeps page, there is potentially "more" that the grand prizer winner will get in addition to the dinner and travel costs. Does that mean some cute IHOP swag? You'll have to enter and win to find out.

Courtesy of IHOP

How do you enter the Tiny IHOP Ultimate Experience Sweepstakes? First, you need to make sure that you sign up for IHOP's MyHOP as a member. After you've become a MyHOP member, you can enter the sweeps online from Oct. 16 until Nov. 1. With MyHop, you can get exclusive local deals and offers, plus you get free pancakes for signing up, free pancakes on your birthday, and — you guessed it — more free pancakes when your MyHOP anniversary hits. Isn't it totally worth it just for the love of pancakes? Even if you don't win, you sort of still do.

You're probably wondering if the grand prize is the only way to score a seat at the Tiny IHOP Dinner Series. The answer is no. If you want to try to grab an exclusive seat in the collaboration project of Tiny House Nation and IHOP, you can go about it by making sure you're a member of MyHOP before midnight PT on Oct. 20, and then keep your eyes out for your access to book a reservation via Yelp on Oct. 24. This is obviously a first-come, first-served deal, so you'll need to be quick to snap up a reservation. And since it's limited to one booking per person, have your BFF or your partner go through the process themselves, too. Maybe you'll both get lucky.

Those who are fast to sign up will probably have more luck than others scoring one of the six seats in the 170-square foot Tiny IHOP. The available dates for the Tiny IHOP Dinner Series are from Thursday, Dec. 12 to Sunday, Dec. 15, with reservation times of 5 p.m., 7:30 p.m., and 10 p.m. This special shared dining experience will last for two hours, if you do happen to be one of the few who gets a reserved seat.

Courtesy of IHOP

And although IHOP has not disclosed the menu, the brand shared it includes some "tiny dishes inspired by classic IHOP menu items" plus "a few Tiny IHOP-exclusive dishes."

If you just can't make the journey to Los Angeles and don't want to enter the sweepstakes, that's OK, but why not try? Even if you can't score a seat or win the sweeps, you can still enjoy IHOP's Addams Family Menu in participating locations nationwide until Nov. 3. I know I'm going to grab some of Wednesday's Web Cakes before they're gone.

Don't hesitate to enter just because you think you don't have a chance. This special Tiny IHOP won't be open to MyHOP members forever. And if you're anywhere near SoCal, you can try to reserve a seat via Yelp when Oct. 24 rolls around. I'm about to sign up just for the prospect of tiny IHOP dishes. I don't think any pancake fans will want to miss out on this.