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The Thing You Need To Make Your Space Feel Cozy, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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A day off from work, a comfy blanket, a hot cup of tea, a snuggly cat, soft socks warming up your feet, a good book — ah, there's nothing quite like a cozy day to yourself, is there? Even though everyone has their own idea of what relaxation means, I think we can all agree that diving in to some well-deserved rest is one of the best parts of being alive. I know that if I don't find time to turn my head off, leave my stressful thoughts on the back-burner, and escape from reality with a gripping novel, then sooner or later I'll start turning into a lifeless zombie. However, I need to do relaxation my way. That's why knowing the thing you need to make your space feel cozy, according to your zodiac sign, can make all the difference.

Everybody has their things; their objects of comfort that they turn to when they want to feel more at home. A space that doesn't vibe with your idea of R&R can push you even further over the edge. Each sign requires their certain "things" that bring them peace. Because your moon sign says so much about how you withdraw from the world, you should read about what things you find comforting based on that as well. If you don't know what your moon sign is, check out this calculator and find out.

Now, let's take your idea of "cozy" to the next level:

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If your space doesn't have a bass-pounding sound system that gets your blood flowing, it's bound to underwhelm you. Turning up some tunes and dancing like maniac with the door closed is your definition of cozy. If you can't feel the music banging in your chest, it's not loud enough.


If you don't have a garden space in your home, Taurus, you won't be able to breathe. You're deeply connected to the natural world. No backyard? Well, then there'd better be potted plants and terrariums full of tiny succulents and cacti hanging in every corner.


Having shelves filled to the brim with books brings you immense comfort. It's like every author is sitting in the room with you, ready to have a conversation the minute you crack open their spines. You admire your collection and you love stealing a moment to smell their pages.


To you, home is like one big, warm hug. That's why you love having a pet at your side; a cat or a dog you can snuggle up to on cold nights and caress their soft fur. When they look at you with their big ol' eyes, you feel totally seen.

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You need a well-stocked and luxurious vanity area where you can doll yourself up with ease. Selfie lighting is of the utmost importance, as is a full-length mirror. You live life like a star, Leo, and you can't step foot outside without feeling like one.


Virgo, if your space is cluttered, unkempt, and messy, there's no way you'll be able to relax there. There must be some rhyme and rhythm, which is why you love organizers, shelf space, and drawers where you can tuck things away in an orderly fashion.


If you had to choose one luxury your space couldn't be without, it's definitely a comfy bed. You'll always dole out extra cash for the highest thread count, the plushest pillows, and a mattress that feels like a cloud. You spend a third of your life asleep, so why not?


Your space needs to radiate romance. That's why your candle collection is something of a marvel. You've got candles of all shapes, sizes, and scents. The way their flames flicker like tiny dancers brings you so much comfort.

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Sagittarius, you take entertainment seriously, which is why you're likely to invest in the largest TV with the highest definition on the market. You want whatever's on TV to spill into your space, like you can go wherever you want at the flip of a channel. It brings you such joy.


It's you who probably has the snazziest office space of all your friends, Capricorn. Making sure you have a sleek, organized desk, a collection of the finest writing utensils, and the comfiest back-supporting chair are likely at the top of your list of priorities.


If your space lacks a beautiful view — or, even worse, any windows at all — you will not do well at all. You enjoy looking out into the great beyond, knowing that the world is your oyster and you can conquer it at any moment.


If artwork isn't adorning every inch of your walls, is it really your space to begin with, Pisces? A collection of things you find beautiful and inspirational will make you feel cozy as can be. If you're not inspired in your space, you won't want to be there.

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