This Is Your Secret Self-Care Escape, According To Your Moon Sign

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Almost everyone knows what their sun sign is, but a lesser-known fragment of astrological knowledge is their moon sign. This is the second most important sign of them all, and while your sun sign might describe your overall character, your moon sign unearths your innermost feelings — the ones people don't know about when they look at you. In that sense, when your sun sign starts to feel like an old garment from your past that you're struggling to fit into, look to your moon sign. It'll explain all the mysteries of your own hidden world (and the toxic thoughts you like to keep to yourself). This is why your moon sign can say so much about your favorite way to escape from reality.

Personally, I'm obsessed with moon signs. I love what they're able to capture about a person, the secrets they divulge, the shadow worlds that they unfold. I'm a Gemini and while I fit basic characteristics of this flighty air sign (such as a need for intellectual stimulation, having a decent amount of wit, and a penchant for nervousness), I'm way more sensitive than your average Gemini. This is because my moon is in Pisces, which explains why I'm capable of disappearing into my own dream world, absorbing the emotions of others, and of course, protecting a large quantity of secrets. When I found out my moon was in Pisces, I felt like I had found the missing puzzle piece to my soul.

If you don't know what your moon sign is, check out this moon sign calculator. Once you're done, read on to find out how your moon sign chooses to run far away from the real world, and never look back.

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Your bright moon in Aries endows you with an entrepreneurial spirit, an excess of energy, and an inner sense of vanity and competition. When you feel like flying away, it's likely to a party or an event where you can arrive in your most glamorous ensemble and dazzle the room with your intelligence, skill, and brilliance. You make fans out of everyone, and can easily prove how special you are.


You are focused, artistic, and perceptive, Taurus moon, and you love infusing your "me time" with those same qualities. When life gets to be too much, you enjoy escaping by going on a road trip, wandering through a forest, or taking a swim in the ocean, somewhere all five of your senses will be stimulated. You'll bring with you a novel full of vivid imagery that can transport you to different worlds.


Gemini moon, you're known for your wit, humor, and adaptability, always with a touch of the facetious in life. When you need to shake things up, you'll want to attend a gathering of minds, whether that's at a coffee shop or a large gathering. Expressing yourself is cleansing to your soul. You love talking, you love amusing others, and any opportunity to see your conversational chops in action, you'll take.


You are fiercely possessive of your loved ones, Cancer moon, and you're also known for your imagination (and a propensity for moodiness). To take a break from the rat race, you'll want to go home, round up your closest — and I mean closest — loved ones, and talk (or cry) about your feelings while doing something artistic, such as painting or starting a DIY project together. Above all, you want to feel cozy and loved.

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Your moon in Leo infuses your life with vibrancy, variety, and fun. It also takes the form of self-indulgence, all of which pervades the way you choose to escape. You'll want to get on stage somewhere, whether that's by performing in a band, dancing harder than anyone in the pit of a show, or even giving a passionate and clever toast over dinner with a big group of friends. Basking in your glory, Leo moon, is your favorite.


You are intelligent, analytical, and productive, albeit meticulous, Virgo moon. The way you disconnect from the mess of reality will probably be by taking time to organize your home, to do something careful and time-consuming, like embroidery or drawing. You also love solving riddles and learning, making crossword puzzles, logic games, and trivia a favorite pastime of yours. Virgo moon, you love exercising your brain in any way possible.


You have a deep love for luxury, beauty, and relaxation, Libra moon, and you're skillfully able to find a way to escape from reality in every moment (sometimes people wonder where the hell you've been). Aesthetics are your ultimate weakness, and when you're serious about taking a day off, you'll go to the most lavish spa for a massage and a manicure, then attend an art gallery or concert, where your spirit will absorb every masterpiece.


Your dark and passionate Scorpio moon imparts you with emotion, sensuality, and intensity. This will transfer to your favorite modes of escapism. Being the most sexual of signs, you love dancing until you feel your heart pounding in your body, perhaps finding someone to kiss and flirt with. You also love watching a powerful film or listening to gorgeous music. Anything to make you feel something.

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Adventure, trying new things, and spontaneity are the foundation of your soul, Sagittarius moon. When you want to disappear from the real world for a while, you'll do so abruptly, dropping all your plans and doing something adrenaline-inducing instead, like skydiving, riding a roller coaster, or even hitting up your crush. You want to live life on the edge — if it doesn't terrify you a little bit, what's even the point of doing it?


You are determined, pragmatic, patient, and sometimes, a bit obsessive, Capricorn moon. When you've been bit by the escapism bug, you'll likely dive headfirst into one project, whether that's studying everything there is to know about a topic you're interested in, reading a whole book in one sitting, or mastering a hobby. It's easy for you to wile away the hours with your tunnel vision.


The essence of your very being, Aquarius moon, is escapism — also, eccentricity, creativity, and altruism. When you really feel like peacing out, you search for the strange in life, build your individuality, and learn about ways our society can progress. You'll want to go somewhere you've never been, spend with someone new, someone totally off-the-wall, or learn about an obscure topic.


Your moon in Pisces makes you bleed emotions often. You're emotional, enigmatic, and deeply sensitive (sometimes too sensitive). When you're ready for a detour from reality, you'll romanticize things and dip into a daydream that lasts hours. You love taking long drives and singing along with some tunes, watching a favorite movie you've seen a thousand times, looking at old photos, and maybe even letting out a good cry.

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