Here's The Thanksgiving Sex Position You Need To Try In 2020

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Thanksgiving is a great day for gratitude, get-togethers, and gormandizing, but it's not exactly a good opportunity for getting it on. However, even if you're feeling more gassy than sassy after your third helping of sweet potato casserole, there's still a chance you'll have room for dessert (and no, I'm not talking about apple pie). If you're looking for a sex position to try for Thanksgiving 2020 that won't irritate your food baby, then I suggest going with the No-Haste Baste. Just as the name suggests, this position will get you nice and wet with very little effort.

Finding comfortable sex positions after Thanksgiving dinner isn't always easy. You and your partner will likely want to put as little pressure as possible on your tummies and — just like with swimming — you should probably wait at least an hour after eating before you jump in. But once you're feeling ready for a little extra stuffing, the No-Haste Baste is an ideal way to get it in without anyone getting sick. This one works best in bed, so my advice is to sneak off to the bedroom for an "adult nap" after your relatives are fully distracted by the football game.

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So how exactly do you do the No-Haste Baste? Think of it as a collapsed doggy-style position. The receiving partner should get on their knees while the penetrative partner kneels behind them and enters them from the back. This can be done with their fingers, a strap-on, their penis, or any kind of sex toy — the options are as endless as Thanksgiving side dishes.

Once penetrated, the receiving partner moves to their elbows or fully onto their stomach, allowing the penetrative partner to (gently) lower down on top of them. The receiving partner can also put a pillow under their hips to put less pressure on their belly. And don't be afraid to throw some clitoral stimulation into the mix. (Side note: Turkey baster bulbs make for incredible DIY clit sensitizers. Just saying!)

Slow and steady wins the race after a big meal, and this sex position will allow you and your boo to take your time. It takes a while to baste a turkey, after all, so don't fret if it takes you a while to reach climax after your Thanksgiving feast. The No-Haste Baste should feel like the sex equivalent of warm apple pie (and IMO, nothing tastes better after sex than some actual dessert). Just make sure to replace that turkey baster bulb before anyone discovers that it's missing.