4 Sex Positions For When You’re Really Full From Thanksgiving, But Want To Get Frisky

If everything goes according to plan, then there's a good chance you and bae will be eating yourselves into oblivion come Turkey Day. Needless to say, all of that food and drink can make getting frisky a bit of a struggle. We've all likely felt that tightness in our gut when we've stuffed our gullets to the max — and if some TLC is still on the agenda, then it's a good idea to proceed with caution. Luckily, there are a few sex positions for when you’re really full that will make your post-dinner bump n' grind much less of a strain.

If you're worried about having a satisfying sesh on a full stomach, then a good rule of thumb, IMO, is to avoid putting too much direct pressure on your tummy. According to New York-based gastroenterologist, Dr. Valerie Antoine Gustave, waiting at least an hour after eating before getting down is also a good move.

“Any time less than that would result in perhaps a lot of the food still being in your abdomen,” Dr. Gustave told StyleCaster. Ultimately, food is food, so having sex after a Thanksgiving meal isn't necessarily any more intense than after a normal dinner, she says. “Sex after Thanksgiving should be no different then sex after dinner and a movie. It all depends on how an individual feels.”


After you've finished spooning decadent food into your mouth with reckless abandon, it's only natural that you get your spoon on between the sheets as well. The best part about spooning is that it takes little effort and you can both avoid tummy pressure by lying on your sides. Another bonus is that the big spoon has easy access to all of the little spoon's erogenous zones for maximum heat. If you've never tried this position, it's easy! The giver enters the receiver from behind while both partners are spooning.

Mutual Masturbation

For those times when you've chowed down so intensely that too much movement might upset your stomach, getting each other off with your hands can be a great solution. This way you can stay in pretty much any position that feels comfortable (i.e. on your back or side) while cuddling and stroking your bae into orgasmic bliss.


There's a reason missionary is the go-to sex position for so many couples, and it's probably because of its versatility. Small tweaks in how your legs or pelvis are positioned can change the intensity and quality of stimulation. Similar to spooning, this orientation avoids direct pressure to the abdomen. Plus, being able to look at each other while kissing and caressing can def amp up the romance.

The Countertop

If you're not falling over from all the wine, having a romp that involves a countertop or ledge is also a great way to get sensual with bae while nursing a stuffed tum. All you have to do is find a flat surface (or the edge of a bed) that's a comfortable height for you and your partner. This way the giver can enter while the receiver is laying on their back and both partners' hands are free to roam.

As long as you and your SO are still in the mood for some sexy fun, there's no reason a big meal should stand in your way. At the end of the day, having sex after eating is something most of us find ourselves doing with surprising regularity, so don't overthink it. Just relax and have fun!