Teenage Bounty Hunters cast

The 'Teenage Bounty Hunters' Cast Is Lowkey Shading Netflix After Being Canceled

by Ani Bundel

Much like Warrior Nun earlier in the summer, Teenage Bounty Hunters was more than what the title would have you believe. The show crossed over a satirized private high school experience with the over-the-top drama of bounty hunting, plus a heaping dose of inclusivity. The series also seemed to do well despite little to no marketing, hitting Netflix's Top 10 In U.S. the week after its release. But apparently, that wasn't good enough to keep Netflix from axing it, and the Teenage Bounty Hunters cast's reactions to being canceled contain a hint of shade toward the streamer. (Elite Daily reached out to Netflix about the cancellation but did not immediately hear back.)

It's been seven years since Netflix first premiered House of Cards, staking out a claim to "disrupt television." The streamer took the Silicon Valley tactic of "move fast and break things" — it greenlit everything in sight, while basically promising viewers nothing would be canceled because it didn't play by the TV industry rules.

That didn't last long. By the summer of 2017, Netflix had bowed to the reality that some shows will never get a big enough audience, and it began quietly canceling what its algorithms viewed as failures, from Marvel's The Defenders to cult-favorite Sense8. Now in 2020, Netflix's cancellation practices have become like almost any other network. The streamer generally does not publicly approve new seasons of a show until a full month of data has been collected on its current season, and big titles with massive marketing budgets are typically favored over the "little shows that could." And yet, each time Netflix cancels another show that fans think should have gotten another chance, it's a new blow.

As devastating as it is for fans when their faves are canceled, it's arguably even harder for the cast members. The Teenage Bounty Hunters' stars' social media posts in response to the cancellation make that much clear.


One of the actors who has been most vocal about the news is Devon Hales, who played April Stevens on the show. Among her many tweets and retweets about the cancellation, she made a valid point about Netflix's lack of promotion of the series:

Within mere minutes of the cancellation news hitting the Twittersphere on Oct. 5, devoted audiences began a #SaveTeenageBountyHunters campaign. Fans begged Netflix to reconsider, reached out to networks and other streamers to beseech them to rescue the series, and asked others to do the same. Maddie Philips, who starred as Sterling Wesley on TBH, was touched by the surge of fan love.

But it wasn't long before she was also throwing subtle shade at Netflix's decision via her RTs.

Teenage Bounty Hunters' cancellation came simultaneously with the demise of another beloved, woman-led series: GLOW, whose fourth and final season order was reversed on Oct. 5. Anjelica Fellini, who played Blair Wesley on TBH, didn't mince words in her IG stories about the news of this double-whammy; she led her followers to draw their own conclusions about the similarities in the two cancellations: "Two shows, two female leads, who are sex-positive and find their own ways in the world. Huh." She also got in on the convo on Twitter, retweeting a particularly ~fire~ meme aimed at Netflix.

Perhaps the fan campaign to save Teenage Bounty Hunters will succeed. But for now, Teenage Bounty Hunters is simply yet another show for Netflix that got away.