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The Sway House Had The Shadiest Reaction To Thomas Petrou's Vlog About Daisy Keech

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Daisy Keech's claims that Thomas Petrou's manipulative behavior led her to quit the Hype House rocked the social-media-influencer ecosystem and its fans to the core. But just when fans thought they had heard the last of the drama between Keech and Petrou, Petrou went and dropped his own vlog denying most of Keech's claims. Now, Josh Richards, Bryce Hall, and Kio Cyr are stepping in to share their thoughts on the situation. The Sway House's reaction to Thomas Petrou's vlog about Daisy Keech is so shady.

It all started on March 28 when Keech released a tell-all YouTube video called "Truth about the Hype House" laying out exactly what led to her exit from Hype House. In it, she claimed she gave Petrou a job as her photographer and editor after he was let go from Jake Paul's YouTube collective, Team 10, only for him to force her out of the Hype House with manipulative behavior.

Petrou hit back on April 2 in a Vlog of his own called "The REAL Truth About The Hype House." In it, Petrou claimed he worked for Keech for free for months and was only paid from Sept. 15 until Sept. 31 (which is not a a day — but more on that later). He also insisted he never said he and Hudson were the only cofounders of the Hype House like Keech claimed.

Richards, Hall, and Cyr had a lot to say about Petrou's video — most of it sarcastic. Their first gripe with it was Petrou said he got paid on Sep. 31 when there are only 30 days in September. "Not only does he finesse all these kids, he actually finesse's another day in the year, just to get paid a little more money," Richards joked about Petrou's gaffe.

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After pointing out that Keech has a lot more followers than Petrou (she's got 3.6 million on Instagram and 4.2 million on TikTok while Petrou has 633,000 on IG and 3.6 million on TikTok), Cyr said: "So, honestly, [Petrou] should be paying her to take her photos."

The Sway House boys then shaded Petrou's claims the Hype House's decision to unfollow Keech on social media was a team decision they voted on.

"Do you think Chase [Hudson] talked to them before he unfollowed all of us?" Richards asked sarcastically, alluding to their drama with Hudson. The boys then mocked one of Hype House's old interviews where Hudson repeatedly said members of the group had to be a "good fit" and "connect" with everyone in the house, joking that they themselves "really didn't click" with the members when they hung out IRL, and Keech must not have either.

Watch the Sway House's full video below.

To see what started all of this, watch Keech's entire YouTube post below.

Now, check out Petrou's response video below.

While there's no saying what's to come next in the Keech vs Hype House drama, it appears Keech has the tepid support of The Sway House.