Daisy Keech

Daisy Keech Revealed New Details About Why She Left The Hype House

Courtesy of Daisy Keech on YouTube

There's trouble in Hype House paradise, and Daisy Keech is spilling the deets. After what seemed to be an extremely successful four months as a member of the Hype House, Keech left the famous TikTok collective and revealed exactly what led to her exit. Daisy Keech's video explaining why she left the Hype House is a lot to take in, so brace yourself.

Keech broke it down in a nearly 23-minute YouTube video, which she says will be the only time she speaks out about the situation.

Keech detailed her former close-knit friendship with Hype House's "manager," Thomas Petrou, whom she had met when they were both part Jake Paul's YouTube collective, Team 10. After Petrou was "let go" from Team 10, Keech claims she hired him as her personal photographer, at which point they began discussing starting their own content house. Ultimately, she claims she and fellow TikToker Chase Hudson (aka, Lil Huddy), dished out $18,000 each on the deposit for the Los Angeles mansion, while Petrou contributed $5,000. Hudson and Petrou did not respond to Elite Daily's request for comment on Keech's claims throughout her vlog.

Keech revealed the first signs of trouble began back in January when the New York Times interviewed the Hype House members. Keech claims Hudson and Petrou gave her no recognition for being a co-founder. According to Keech, that was just the start of press opportunities she wasn't included in as a co-founder.

Keech claims she spoke up for herself and confronted Petrou and Hudson, but things continued to get worse. Keech says she wasn't given access to any of the Hype House's social media accounts, was not a part of brand deals the group had coming in, and wasn't even informed if or when the group was getting paid for those deals.

"He also started making decisions that I was legally liable for because I am on the lease of this place, so I became very uncomfortable," she revealed. "This is when I really started to speak my mind and stand up for myself. Once I was really putting in my input, Thomas started to slowly cut me out of things."

Watch the full video below to hear Keech detail all of the "red flags" she picked up on from Petrou.

After Keech's lawyer reached out to Petrou to discuss creating more of an internal structure in The Hype House, Petrou reportedly said: "I'm just more of a businessman, and like, girls like Daisy, she's just another hot Instagram model with a shelf life."

Ultimately, Keech felt she was going to be cut out of The Hype House, so she started to get things in order, filing to trademark the name and claim her shares in the company.

According to court documents obtained by Forbes, Keech has filed to sue Petrou and Hudson for allegedly striking deals on behalf of Hype House without her, exiling her from the TikTok group, and claiming they were the only two founders of Hype House. Hudson and Petrou did not respond to Elite Daily's request for comment on Keech's lawsuit.

Keech concluded her video on a positive note: She's learned how to stand up for herself and how to not let people walk all over her. And she announced she's launching her own TikTok house called The Clubhouse, so fans haven't seen the last of her.