Thomas Petrou

Thomas Petrou Told His Side Of The Hype House Drama & Fans Have Mixed Feelings

The he-said, she-said between Daisy Keech and Thomas Petrou continues. Days after Keech released a tell-all YouTube video listing the reasons she quit The Hype House, it was Petrou's turn to address the situation. Thomas Petrou's response to Daisy Keech's claims about The Hype House is a lot to take in.

Petrou posted a 26-minute long YouTube video called "The REAL Truth About The Hype House" on April 2 telling his version of the events that led to Keech's exit. "I'm just here to give the full story of what actually happened and to give you guys the real truth about how the Hype House came to be," he began. Keech's team did not respond to Elite Daily's request for comment on Petrou's claims.

One of the first things Petrou addressed was Keech's claims she hired him as a photographer and editor after he was fired from Jake Paul's YouTube collective, Team 10. "I shot for Daisy from July to September for free," Petrou clarified. He claimed Keech first started paying him on Sept. 15, 2019, and it was only $250 a week for "full YouTube editing, Bang video editing, and shooting all of her branded content for Instagram."

Petrou also commented on Keech's claim she put down $18,000 for the security deposit on the Hype House mansion. While he confirms she paid that much money, Petrou claims it was initially only him and Chase Hudson who put the total $46,000 deposit down. He says Keech reimbursed him and Hudson $18,000 once the funds became available in her bank account.

Next up, Petrou addressed Keech's claim he didn't give her credit for being a cofounder of The Hype House in their New York Times' interview. "I never once in that interview said that it was me and Chase who were the only cofounders," Petrou said.

Petrou claimed he noticed Keech was pulling back on doing anything related to the Hype House and was barely promoting the brand in the following weeks. Keech, however, claimed she was purposely left out of brand deals.

In her "Truth about the Hype House" vlog, Keech claimed she filed to trademark the Hype House name after she realized Petrou was cutting her out of opportunities. But Petrou revealed a legal document seemingly showing Keech filed on Jan. 7, just three weeks after they started the collective. Petrou said Keech did this behind everyone's back, and that's when members of the Hype House began to stop trusting her.

Daisy Keech on YouTube; Thomas Petrou on YouTube

Petrou denied Keech's claim he asked her to "manipulate" another content creator in hopes to get them into the house. He says he simply asked her to be nice to her, because Keech could be "standoffish."

Petrou also denied he turned down press opportunities without consulting Keech and the other house members. While Petrou admitted he does make a lot of the Hype House's decisions, he claimed he doesn't make any without talking to the team first.

As for Keech's claim Petrou booked a music video at the house without getting her go-ahead even though she was legally liable for any damage caused during the shoot as a leaseholder. In reponse, Petrou claimed Keech moved out two weeks before the shoot.

Keech, who has since started her own collective called clubhouse, claimed she felt like she was going to be forced out of The Hype House, but Petrou said it was ultimately her own decision to move out of the house, after which the members "voted" to unfollow her on all The Hype House's social media accounts.

Keech has yet to directly address Petrou's claims, but you can watch her "Truth about the Hype House" vlog below to get her side of the story.