The Subtle Disney Tattoo You Should Get, Based On Your Favorite Movie

Disney movies provide so much inspiration for tattoo designs. Just like tattoos, choosing your favorite Disney movie says so much about your personality. If your go-to flick is The Little Mermaid, it's obvious you were mer-made for the summertime and chilling "under the sea." For any Lion King fans out there, I get that you live by the no worries motto, "hakuna matata." A tat is a perfect way to show people who you are, and subtle Disney tattoos tell an entire story.

You don't need a big tattoo to get the reference, either. It's your favorite movie, after all, so you could really spot it a mile away. That's why these seven subtle tattoos are too cute for words, because they are made for the ultimate fan. You've already picked out your favorite Disney movie — which is the hardest part — so now showcase all of that love with some ink.

As a fellow Disney lover, I'm constantly being asked what my favorite movie is. If you're in the same boat, make it easier on yourself by having a little homage on your skin. Rock your tat proudly, and no explanation is needed. Now, that's true Disney magic.

If You're Feeling Hakuna Matata, This 'Lion King' Tattoo Is For You
faii0utgiri on Twitter

This drawing of Simba that Rafiki did in The Lion King is such a perfect tattoo. It is such a simple design, but it's an iconic image from the movie that anyone would know exactly where it's from. Plus, you have to admit Simba is just too darn cute to pass up!

When Family Is Important To You, You Need This 'Lilo & Stitch' Tat In Your Life
18steiby on Twitter

We all know from Lilo & Stitch that "Ohana means family," so if family holds a very special place in your heart, you should consider getting this one-word tat. You'll never feel "left behind or forgotten" when you look down and see this beautiful word on your skin. It's a simple text, and you could always get the words surrounded by a few vibrant Hawaiian flowers for a pop of color.

This Enchanted Rose Is Perfect For All Of The 'Beauty And The Beast' Fans
staceypelling on Twitter

I'm seriously loving this rose tattoo inspired by Beauty and the Beast, and hopefully that's enough to break the spell. Having a tat like this shows that you "want adventure in the great wide somewhere." Plus, you know this particular design stands out from other rose tattoos, because it's stained glass, just like in the movie.

This Lamp From 'Aladdin' Is So Magical
alyssa_york on Twitter

The Genie lamp from Aladdin is such a magical tattoo idea, and it looks really awesome placed on the foot. If this is your first tattoo, you'll be in for "a whole new world" of ink. If I had this tattoo, I would always ponder what three wishes I would ask the Genie.

This 'Mary Poppins' Ink Is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
meganxharlow on Twitter

Real talk: This Mary Poppins tattoo is as sweet as a "spoonful of sugar." I particularly love silhouette tattoo designs, and you can totally tell this one's Mary with her umbrella and bag. This tat is also small enough that you could get it just about anywhere, like on your wrist or even on your shoulder blade.

This 'Peter Pan' Tat Will Make You Super Nostalgic
brookebradleyy on Twitter

All you need is faith, trust, and this Peter Pan tattoo to fly. Sure, you probably also need a little pixie dust, but before Tinker Bell gets here, you could just get this cute "you can fly" tattoo. If I had this ink, I think the words would just constantly remind me to never grow up and to always think happy thoughts.

This 'Little Mermaid' Tattoo Wants To Be A 'Part Of Your World'
laura_dupree on Twitter

With simple colorful lines, you can totally tell that's your main girl Ariel swimming around. I'm pretty sure "Part of Your World" is one of the greatest Disney songs of all time — if not the best — so it makes sense that The Little Mermaid would be your favorite flick.

Along with this super cute design, there are a ton of other simple tat ideas from this movie, including purple seashells, the shell necklace that stole Ariel's voice, or even a dinglehopper.