Stila Is Having A Buy One, Get One Free Sale On Its Iconic Liquid Lipsticks & OMG

Sophie Wirt

I'm excited for Sunday, July 29. Not only do I plan on watching five episodes of Queer Eye in a row while eating countless cartons of Halo Top, but also it's an important holiday: National Lipstick Day! Add online shopping to my schedule, because the Stila National Lipstick Day sale is amazing.

In an age when it seems like every food has it's own national holiday, it makes sense that beauty products should get a moment in the spotlight, too, right? And what better product to celebrate than lipstick? After all, a bold lip can make an entire makeup look. Plus, I've never heard anyone say they have too much of the stuff. If you agree, take note: Stila is having a massive sale. And this isn't just any sale. It's a sale on what is arguably one of the most iconic long wear liquid matte lipsticks of our generation. Say it with me, y'all: The Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick is on sale! Read my lips: for one day only, you can slash some serious bucks on this cult classic lipstick, because every shade is buy one get one free! (Usually $22 each.)

If you're familiar with the formula itself, feel free to skip ahead — but if you have yet to discover the lipstick, read on for the juicy (er, matte) deets.

As the name suggests, this lipstick is a liquid formula with a super matte dry down. The formula is ridiculously pigmented — I'm talking about that rare, one swipe is all you need kind of color payoff. Better yet, you can achieve said payoff in virtually every shade imaginable: the Stay All Day lipstick comes in not one, not two, but a whopping 50 different hues(!), ranging from pale beiges to firey reds to moody mauves. There's literally a shade for every whim!

Better yet, this stuff stays. all. day. (Duh, Sophie, it says so in the title.)

I know, I know, but seriously! I feel the need to reiterate how incredibly long wearing this formula is. In fact, its longevity is both one of my favorite qualities about it as well as my one and only annoyance with the stuff... because who likes to scrub their lips a million times with makeup remover at the end of the night? Not me.

Nevertheless, I'd scrub my lips completely raw if it meant my lipstick would stay put on my lips...and not my wine glass. Or my date's collar. On a similar note, this is one of the only lipsticks I've tried that legitimately passes the kiss test.

Since it's matte, this lipstick (inherently) isn't the most lush or hydrating formula on the planet. But it's also not the most drying, either, thanks to an infusion of hydrating avocado oil and antioxidant-rich vitamin E. No wonder this lipstick has been one of the brand's best sellers since it's launch six years ago.

Since it launched the formula, the brand has ventured out from its OG mattes to release a few glittery metallic shades (above!). While the sparkly ones are undeniably gorgeous, I must admit that I'm partial to my solid red orange hue, Tesoro (below). It's just such a summery shade. Plus, I can slick it on, head out the door, and rely on it to stay put all day... all while looking like a carefree French woman. (That's what I tell myself, at least.)

I haven't made my way through all 50 hues (yet!) so perhaps I'll find a new favorite shade while I'm perusing the sale this weekend. And if I'm feeling extra generous, I might just gift my BOGO freebie to a friend. After all, this formula is too good to keep to oneself!

Mark your cal: the Stila Stay All Day sale starts Sunday, July 29 exclusively on