The Spiritual Meaning Of The June 2020 Solar Eclipse Is About The Truth

The Spiritual Meaning Of June's Solar Eclipse Is About Discovering Your Truth

by Valerie Mesa

There's a powerful revolution happening within and all around you, and this is especially true when you're in between eclipses. It doesn't matter whether or not you consider yourself to be the superstitious type; when you're between eclipses (as we are right now), the energy surrounding us all is supercharged. The reason you're feeling this energy even more so right now is partly due to the spiritual meaning of the June 2020 solar eclipse, because it has everything to do with your soul's truth.

The second-to-last eclipse activating the Cancer-Capricorn axis, June's new moon solar eclipse — happening on Sunday, June 21 — will be especially potent. And though eclipses are typically known to spark life-altering changes, this month's solar eclipse is considered the most powerful of the year, considering its close proximity to the the summer solstice. New moons bring new beginnings and this fertility is naturally emphasized during a solar eclipse. Glimmering in the sign of sentimental Cancer, with the support of five retrograde planets, this eclipse occurs at exactly zero degrees, which is considered a critical degree in astrology.

If you thought five planets retrograding during this time — Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto — was five too many, Neptune will also station retrograde on June 23, making it possible for six planets to play a role in this eclipse story. Retrograde cycles are an excellent time for reflection, and they also bring revealing truths to light.


New Moon Solar Eclipse In Cancer: June 21, 2020

Are you ready for a revolutionary new chapter? The summer solstice on June 20 — the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere — not only marks the beginning of a brand new season, but also a time when Mother Nature inspires you to tap into the divine light existing within you. The following day — Sunday, June 21 — a new moon solar eclipse will activate zero degrees of emotionally driven Cancer, and this supercharged astrological phenomenon will catapult you towards a whole new timeline, both on a personal and universal level.

This cosmic event is also considered an annular eclipse, which occurs when the sun and moon align with the Earth (with the exception that the moon is smaller than the sun, which makes the sun appear as a bright ring of fire), according to This naturally emphasizes the essence of Cancer — the moon's dark shadow serves as a representation of the universal rebirth about to take place. Can you feel it? The electricity within and all around you? Ruled by the ever-changing moon, Cancer is symbolic of the home, family, inner foundation, and emotional reality. However, this celestial season doesn't just revolve around those intimate family matters.

Cancer's cardinal waters are here to teach you how to find a home within yourself and more importantly, within the planet. This new moon solar eclipse will also serve as a reminder to you to practice empathy. It'll shed light on the areas where you need to be more compassionate, whether it be for yourself or for the people around you. So aside from nurturing your wellbeing and prioritizing your comfort, this is an opportunity for you to revisit and reflect on your emotional needs. This is especially true with so many planets retrograding, because retrograde cycles are about going inward.

Though this may sound like a never-ending emotional roller coaster, you must first confront the darker parts of you before you can embrace the light, and the same goes for the current events taking place. Mother Earth and the universe are asking you to look within to cultivate compassion for both yourself and your surroundings. Cancer can also be incredibly nostalgic, so if old wounds also happen to resurface during this time, don't disregard them. Confront them once and for all, so you can liberate yourself from the past.