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The Spiritual Meaning Of February's New Moon Is All About Surrendering

by Valerie Mesa

Is there a habit you need to let go of, or perhaps a new direction you'd like to take? You're in luck, given the supercharged energy stemming from the new moon phase. The spiritual meaning of the February 2020 new moon is actually quite interesting, considering the current astro-weather.

February's new moon will vanish into the night on Sunday, Feb. 23 at exactly 10:32 a.m. ET. Whenever there's a new moon, the sun and the moon meet in the exact degree of a particular zodiac sign, which, in this case, is dreamy Pisces. This creates a dynamic synergy and powerful kickstart, especially if you set intentions revolving around your future goals. Remember, the key is to stay focused on themes related to the zodiac archetype. Pisces is ruled by Neptune; it governs all things mystical, spiritual, and otherworldly. This is where the magic happens, literally.

On the dark side, however, the new moon phase might make you feel irritable, so make sure you're being gentle with yourself. Don't feel pressured to set intentions or make a specific plan for yourself. Truth is, it's too soon to tell. Besides, the moon is renewing itself during this time and so should you. If you are feeling energized, go ahead and write a list of Neptunian to-dos, whether it be something as simple as getting more shut-eye, or making it a point to tap into your intuition more. This lunation is here to create enough space for you to make your dreams become reality, but there's a catch.


New Moon In Pisces: Feb. 23, 2020

Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces during this time. However, this doesn't take away from its supercharged potential, so have no fear. Sure, this Neptune-ruled lunation could seem rather foggy compared to the other new moons you've experienced thus far, but there's a reason for this undeniable ambiguity. Both of Pisces' planetary rulers — Jupiter and Neptune — will be in contact during this lunation, which means things could seem unclear at first. (Hint: Find four degrees of Pisces in your birth chart; the astrological house and aspects should be considered as well.)

Sitting in harmonious energy flow, Jupiter's sextile to Neptune could put a magnifying glass over your long-term goals and dreams. Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion, and faith; Neptune is the planet of spirituality and universal love. Things might even seem almost too good to be true or perhaps even euphoric during this time; however, a square between Jupiter and Venus — planet of love, beauty, and relationships — could spark challenges in regard to relationships, finances, and self-confidence. On a brighter note, go-getter Mars — planet of carnal instincts and energy — will form a trine with electric Uranus, amidst traveling alongside the South Node.

The Spiritual Meaning Of February's New Moon

Uranus can bring shocking revelations and unexpected changes, but you can't forget about the Mars-South Node conjunction, as it will push you to let go of whatever is no longer serving your highest truth. The good thing is, Mars feels right at home in ruthless Capricorn, which means you will have enough energy, vigor, and spirit to make the necessary changes during this time. However, this Neptune-ruled lunation goes far beyond the intentions you decide to set for yourself or the new beginnings headed your way. This new moon is about surrendering to the infinite possibilities the universe has in store for you. Go with the flow and everything else will follow.