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You Could Learn A Lot From The Spiritual Meaning Of This Month's Supermoon

by Valerie Mesa
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The phases of Mother Moon are as mysterious as they are magical. For instance, when a full moon approaches, your emotions heighten as the moon begins to shed light on what needs to be acknowledged. When referring to the spiritual meaning of the February 2020 full supermoon, this lunation has everything to do with self-love. Radiant and incredibly charismatic, February's supermoon — which will appear bigger and brighter than your average full moon — will light up the night sky starting on Feb. 9 at 2:33 a.m. ET, reminding you of the things that bring you joy and laughter.

A full moon takes place when the moon sits directly opposite the sun. This is also taking place in the zodiac wheel, which means the moon will always sit across the sun during the full moon phase. In the case of the upcoming full moon, the sun will be traveling through the sign of Aquarius; ergo, the moon will be in the sign of Leo. Remember, full moons are a call for balance; it's yin (the moon, divine feminine) coming face-to-face with yang (the sun, sacred masculine) to create harmony.

Who are you in the dark? This is where the essence of the moon comes in; it's a symbol of your shadow side, innermost feelings, and emotional foundation. The sun, however, is where you shine the brightest; it's who you are in the third dimension, along with your physical identity. Integrating the two is not always the easiest task. Think about it: Does your emotional world coincide with your surroundings? Does the personality you portray align with the person you truly are? These are the things to consider during the full moon phase, and this is especially true when the sun and moon are activating the Leo-Aquarius axis.


The Astrological Axis of Leo-Aquarius

In order to fully understand the full moon meaning, you need to first recognize the astrological energies at hand. The axis of Leo-Aquarius is the ego of the zodiac; Leo being the star of the show and Aquarius the entire stage. Ruled by the sun, Leo is a symbol of your inner child and creative essence. Uranus-ruled Aquarius, aka its polar opposite, is a representation of society and collective consciousness. As you can see, despite these two zodiac signs being completely unique, they still go hand-in-hand.

The Spiritual Meaning Of February's Full Supermoon

Think about the things that speak to your heart and bring you genuine joy. This is what Leo is all about; it's a symbol of your unique light and colorful individuality. However, there is no such thing as an individual without a community, which means now is a time for you to reflect on how you can share your light with the rest of the world.

Whether it be with a special talent or your innate authenticity, this is a time for you to look at the world like giant canvas. You have the paint brush and expressing your individual truth, no matter how far-fetched, is your birth right. In the end, being authentic with yourself and the rest of the world is part of your journey in this lifetime. Free your mind and let your vibrant spirit speak for itself.

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