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The Spiritual Meaning Of 2020's Last Eclipse Focuses On Hope

by Valerie Mesa
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Another year coming to an end, and a solar eclipse just in time for the winter solstice. The last eclipse of 2020, this cosmic event will occur on Monday, Dec. 14 at 11:16 a.m. EST, in the Jupiter-ruled sign of Sagittarius. The spiritual meaning of the December 2020 solar eclipse is all about overcoming mental programs, beliefs, and ideologies that stifled your personal power, once upon a time. This celestial phenomenon is here to encourage the collective to rise above the toxic thoughts stemming from the ego and the lower mind. Are you ready?

Solar eclipses are powerful new moons that bring life-altering new beginnings, catapulting you toward your destiny. The upcoming eclipse, however, will be more potent than usual, considering it will be a total solar eclipse. Here's a quick refresher: A solar eclipse happens during the new moon phase, when the moon passes between the sun and Earth. Solar eclipses and lunar eclipses come in pairs, and occur within two weeks from each other; ergo, the first of this particular series was a penumbral lunar eclipse in Gemini on Nov. 30, and is now followed by December's total solar eclipse in Sagittarius on Dec. 14.

The moon casts two shadows on earth during a solar eclipse: umbra and penumbra, according to NASA. The umbra shadow gets smaller as it reaches Earth, as it is the dark center of the moon's shadow. The penumbra shadow, however, gets larger as it gets closer to the earth. Having said that, those able to witness the umbra will experience a total eclipse, while those who stand in the penumbra witness the partial eclipse.

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The Gemini-Sagittarius Eclipse Series: June 2020 — December 2021

There's no denying the potency, nor the effects, of an eclipse as it activates the nodes of the moon. Often referred to as the "Nodes of Fate," given their karmic multidimensionality and collective influence, the North Node is where the collective is headed, and the South Node is what needs to be left behind. Back in May, the nodes of the moon made their debut in the axis of Gemini-Sagittarius.

The astrological axis of knowledge, Mercury-ruled Gemini governs the lower mind, while Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius governs the abstract mind. Collectively, the mission stemming from this particular eclipse series has everything to do with the information you gather firsthand versus the ideologies you've acquired throughout your lifetime. This is important to keep in mind, as these themes will continue to dominate the energy for the remainder or 2020, and all throughout 2021.

The Spiritual Meaning Of The Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius 2020: Dec. 14 at 11:16 a.m. EST

Everything has a unique symbolism and the universe is constantly communicating with you, so pay attention. Secondly, whenever there's a new moon solar eclipse, the moon blocks the sun and everything becomes dark. Naturally, the human instinct is to fear this darkness, but spiritually, this darkness is what symbolizes the act of surrendering to what's waiting for us over the horizon.

Imagine walking around in the dark without being able to see what's right in front of you. What do you feel? Insecurity, for one thing, but this is precisely where the universe challenges your ability to trust and let go. So don't be afraid to take that leap of faith when the time comes, because that's exactly what this eclipse will bring.

Essentially, it's that moment when the moon blocks the sun that challenges you to explore unfamiliar territories and consider other options, despite whether you're ready for them. Again, solar eclipses can bring unexpected twists and turns, but the universe knows exactly what you need. Trust it.

Check which of the 12 astrological houses belong to Gemini-Sagittarius in your birth chart — this is where you eclipse story is beginning to unfold. While you're at it, reflect on the areas of your life where you tend to lack self-confidence, or perhaps feel limited. What mindset are you ready to let go of, in order to step into your fullest potential? You only live once, so do things right.

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