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The Powerful Spiritual Meaning Behind The Last Solar Eclipse Of The Decade

by Valerie Mesa
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Eclipses are always intimidating, but they're unavoidable. This astrological phenomenon takes place anywhere between four to seven times each year, but for those of you wondering, the spiritual meaning of the December 2019 solar eclipse is just as powerful as it is self-explanatory.

Before I give you the tea on this highly anticipated event, let's take a closer look the general meaning of an eclipse, along with the essence of the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse series: The Cancer-Capricorn axis has everything to do with dependency and the things that make you self-sufficient. This is similar to the parent vs. child dynamic, given that Capricorn is typically strict with its delivery while Cancer expresses itself emotionally. Cancer nurtures and Capricorn holds down the fort. (Check where both of these signs are located via your birth chart; this will help you make sense of the transformations taking place.) Have you been nurturing yourself and your place in the world?

Cancer is a representation of your inner world and emotional foundation, and Capricorn is the structure that holds it all together. In the end, one cannot exist without the other. These eclipses will be especially potent for those of you with personal planets in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn).


The Spiritual Meaning Of The December 2019 Solar Eclipse

When you were a little kid and someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grow up, what would you reply to them? Not trying to go off topic here, but a lot of people shift their overall perspective and professional goals according to their circumstances, which only makes sense. However, in time, your most innate aspirations and life-long dreams begin to blend with what you were conditioned to believe throughout your upbringing, not to mention society's perception of what should or shouldn't be. This is exactly what this eclipse is about: It's about starting again and kicking off a brand-new chapter in which your actions lead to emotional fulfillment.

Astrologically, this is a new moon solar eclipse, which means the sun and the moon will meet at the exact same degree of Capricorn, and when these two luminaries together, the possibilities are endless. The sun and moon will be sitting close to lucky Jupiter, planet of abundance, expansion, and opportunity. Bounty is an understatement, but this eclipse will also be harmoniously aspected by Uranus, planet of rebellion, revolution, and unexpected change.

This divine alignment to Uranus could very well spark a number of exciting breakthroughs, as well as provide you with some electric insight. Open your heart and mind. This is the beginning of a new era and for once, you're being given the chance to build that solid foundation for yourself and to your liking. Let your individuality speak for itself; express your unique truth and don't be afraid to experiment with the resources that exist all around you.

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