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The Spiritual Meaning Of The Beaver Moon Is About Abundance

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The phases of the moon each have a special significance; the new moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle, while the full moon serves as a cosmic culmination of sorts. The spiritual meaning of the 2019 Beaver Moon, in particular, will revolve around the essence of the sensual sign of Taurus, which means this Venus-ruled lunation will illuminate the velvet night while shedding light on the abundance that already exists all around you, whether it be material or non-material.

November is always an interesting month, because it marks the peak of Scorpio season. Although, it's also important to consider the astrological transits taking place at the moment. Messenger planet Mercury will be in the midst of its retrograde journey through the underworld in Scorpio, which will play a significant role in the essence of the Beaver Moon. (According to, November's full moon is often called Beaver Moon, because it's when the beavers prepare for the cold winter season.)

Venus, planet of love and Taurus' irresistible planetary ruler, will also be in the spontaneous sign of Sagittarius during this time. Needless to say, these are all pretty significant factors.


Radiating with sparkling abundance, the Beaver Moon will shed light on your Venusian desires, despite how reluctant you are to confronting them, so you can bask in the sensual pleasures of your blessed five senses. Remember, when la luna reaches her peak of fullness, she sits directly opposite the bold sun, which symbolizes both the divine feminine and sacred masculine. Full moons are a call for balance; hence, the sun and moon directly oppose each other. Those two entities coming face-to-face is a way to create harmony between both your emotional and physical body.

Keep in mind, the sun is a representation of your ego and identity; it's your extroverted side and the way you express yourself in the physical dimension. The moon is a symbol of your shadow self, innermost feelings, and emotional foundation. See the difference? It's equivalent to the essence of yin and yang.

Nevertheless, the Beaver Moon will illuminate your inner world on Tuesday, Nov. 12 at exactly 8:34 a.m. ET, at 19 degrees Taurus. What is Taurus? The fixed earth sign is sensual AF with a dash of materialism, and serves as a reminder to bask in the practical pleasures that exist all around you.

The Spiritual Meaning Of The Beaver Moon


What makes you feel complete? What is your definition of abundance, beauty, and pleasure? Sitting directly across the sun and Mercury Rx in Scorpio, this Venus-ruled lunation wants you to stop for a moment to reflect, revisit, and reassess the situation at hand. If you're interested in learning how this Venus-ruled lunation will affect you personally, check where the Taurus-Scorpio axis is located on your birth chart. This is where its energy will come to life. In the meantime, let's take a closer look at the transits taking place during this full moon. Hint: Taurus is a symbol of abundance, pleasure, values, and money.

Mercury Rx will also make a harmonious connection to dreamy Neptune — planet of faith, illusions, and the universal realm — which means this lunation will more than likely heighten your intuition. Mercury in Scorpio has no problem making contact with the other side, let alone while aspecting a mystical planet such as Neptune. All in all, the Beaver Moon wants you to step into your power, and finally reap all you have sowed. Life moves fast, and sometimes you need to be reminded of the blessings you've acquired thus far.

The full moon is shedding light on your values, along with the things that bring you pleasure. Meanwhile, Mercury Rx trine Neptune is dissolving the boundaries between you and the universal compassion that already exists within you. There are so many things to be grateful for, and if you're looking for more context, think back to the new moon in Taurus that took place in May. How far have you come? What have you done to acquire the abundance you so desperately crave? This is your cosmic culmination from the heavens.

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